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Single Mom Seeking

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Published March 6, 2013 at 4:06 p.m.

Dear Mistress,

I am a hardworking, professional single mom in her late thirties. Where do I go in Burlington to meet guys? No online dating, please — it seems like a second job (third, if you count being a mother). Please be specific! Advising “some bars” won’t do. I’ve been to “some bars,” and I only find guys in their early twenties (which is close to my son’s age and therefore unattractive). I love sex, and I am really good at it, but I can’t find a person to do it with!


Single Mom Seeking

Dear Seeking,

Here’s what I don’t understand: Why are you rejecting online dating when it’s the No. 1 way to find a date? Mashable recently cited a survey that claims the majority of men ages 35 to 55 have done online dating. Further, the same study found that a quarter of the men surveyed are too nervous to speak to an attractive woman in public but are more outgoing online. Besides, if you’re looking to keep it simple, why leave the house? Getting all dolled up and going out with the express purpose of finding a man sounds like a hell of a lot more work than browsing profiles in your pajamas. Online dating can be done anytime — before work, after dinner, or while you sit on the couch for a Sunday marathon of “Law and Order.”

If you insist on braving the bar world to meet your match, make smart choices. If you’re attracted to burly, bearded dudes, check out haunts that brew their own beer, such as Vermont Pub & Brewery or American Flatbread (or take a Vermont brewery tour — perfect for striking up conversation and getting things “hopping”). If you’re into more professional guys, try the Upper Deck Pub at Windjammer for happy hour. Into music? Head to a show at Higher Ground or Nectar’s. Whatever the venue, put your pretty on and be ready to mingle — the best strategy is to talk to everyone. You never know who might have a brother or best friend who would find you irresistible.



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