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Should My Boyfriend Help Pay for My Birth Control?

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Published July 10, 2013 at 11:40 a.m.

Dear Mistress Maeve,

I was single for a few years and stopped taking birth control. Now I’m in a relationship and recently got a prescription to go back on the pill. With the insurance at my new job, it’s going to cost me $50 a month!

Here’s my question: Is it OK to ask my boyfriend to pay half the cost of my birth control? I love him, but $600 per year is a lot of dough! I polled a few of my friends and all of them foot the bill for the pill, but they pay significantly less than I do. What do you think?


Pill Bill

Dear Pill Bill,

In short, yes — you can absolutely ask your partner to pay for half the cost of your birth control pills. After all, it’s protecting both of you against unwanted pregnancy. (Remember, the pill will protect you from babies, but it will not protect you from sexually transmitted infections , before you stop using condoms, be sure your relationship is monogamous.)

Generally speaking, a man would expect to split the cost of raising a child or getting an abortion — so why should paying for the pill be any different? Some women say they are happy to pay the full monthly amount because some prescriptions offer other health benefits such as clearing up acne and promoting shorter, less painful periods. Also, some women feel that buying condoms is a man’s territory while purchasing birth control pills falls squarely on a woman’s shoulders. I say, it takes two to make a baby, and it should take two to prevent it. Besides, who pays for condoms anymore? Local organizations like Vermont CARES and Planned Parenthood are happy to give you as many rubbers as you can use — for free!

All that said, $50 per month sounds a little steep for the pill. Talk with your pharmacist and see if your prescription comes in a generic form. If not, ask your doctor if there’s a cheaper brand that will work for you. Being protected is great, but protected and frugal is even better.

Protectively yours,


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