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Scene@ "Hungry For Change" Bake Sale

Burlington, Saturday, June 21, 11 A.M.


Published June 25, 2008 at 5:01 a.m.

  • Matthew Thorsen

I spotted numerous “Obama for President” signs scattered across the lawn on the corner of Intervale and Riverside avenues, and knew I was in the right place. Music was blaring and excitement was in the air. The occasion was a bake sale to benefit Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Across the nation there were more than 700 bake sales like Burlington’s., a political action organization working to get progressive candidates elected, coordinated these “Hungry for Change” events.

While the Internet sensation “Obama Girl” was not in attendance, a woman named Wanda proved a fitting substitute. Clad in a blue T-shirt bearing Obama’s face, his name in glitter and the slogan “Time for Change,” she was one of the first volunteers who caught my eye.

“For me, it’s about community,” said Wanda. “I think that we need to get back to that more as a country; to be involved and engaged in something that really matters.”

Adults and kids stopped by to get food or talk politics as they were out walking, biking or driving on this gorgeous Saturday. One man even pulled up and placed a drive-thru order to the bake sale.

Every dessert imaginable was laid out on the four tables set up, and the donations kept pouring in while I was there. The typical bake sale fare of brownies, cookies and Rice Krispies bars were abundant, but so were some unique offerings — including vegetarian dog treats. While everything was reasonably priced, an event coordinator named Betsy told me that people of voting age were asked to donate whatever they thought it was worth to have Obama in the White House.

“Basically, we want to get it out there that there’s a big swell of support for Obama,” said Betsy, who’s been involved with MoveOn since 2004. She noted that the image of political campaigning is knocking on doors, but a bake sale just seemed like a fun idea. And as I can attest, community and fun were key ingredients in this

delicious event.