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Scary 'Men In Black' Police Movie Premiere


Published April 8, 2008 at 7:30 a.m.

Wand-searches, threatening announcements and surveillance with night vision goggles — are we talking about the security surrounding the upcoming Olympics in China? Nope. Just the local premiere of a kung fu epic at the Majestic.

Blogger Bill Simmon attended last night's screening of the Forbidden Kingdom. Apparently, cellphones were forbidden by the besuited agents of Lion's Gate Films. See, the movie isn't actually being released until April 18. So they apparently wand-searched all audience members to make sure no one was carrying a camera phone. And that's not all...

Okay, so now that the scary Lion's Gate men have personally checkedevery single person in the auditorium with an electronic wand for arecording device (and even phones w/o recording devices - lest I phonein a play-by-play to a sketch artist, I suppose), we can just get onwith enjoying our film, right?  Wrong. We were then presented alengthy and punitive-sounding statement by one of the Men in Black thatthreatened us with prosecution "to the full extent of the law" shouldwe attempt to record any portion of the film we'd been invited to see. And then, after checking us each individually for cameras and readingus the riot act in no uncertain terms, the Lion's Gate gestapoliterally stared at the audience from the front of the auditoriumthroughout the entire film, sometimes using night vision goggles (I'mnot kidding) and sometimes just with their cold, dead eyes.

So how was the movie? Bill's assesment: "fun, if a bit formulaic."