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Rhythm & News (10/30/1996)


Published October 30, 1996 at 4:00 a.m.

VIRTUAL TOP TEN There’s a thang for the blues blooming in the Green Mountains, as Charlie Frazier's recent compilation CD testifies. But who thought Vermont bluesters could shake a lizard’s tail in Stevie Ray Vaughan country? Well, reports proud daddy-o Jimmy Branca, Bloozotomy is currently number 4 on AudioNet’s World Wide Web blues chart. Based in Austin, Texas, AudioNet (audionet.com) is one of the internet’s largest streamng audio broadcasters — and is a sponsor of Burlington’s Big Heavy World (bigheavy world.com). P.S. Look for Bloozotomy’s live CD in the very near future.

LITTLE WINDY CITY During one week in June, jazz reigns supreme in Burlington. The rest of the year, it’s dismal — the number of venues supporting it, that is. So expect to see jazz musicians heading west this week. But not defecting to L.A.; they’ll be checking out the new Jazz Bar at Mona’s — the Cornerstone Building is starting to make waves on the Waterfront. Mona’s manager Karen Kennedy just happens to be a jazz vocalist, recently in from Chicago. She quickly created a new place to sing — and for Burlington band the Genius Magnets, aka drummer Peter Kriff, bassist John Lilja and pianist Tom Cleary. Kennedy promises to book local as well as touring jazz and blues acts every Wednesday through Saturday. The Genius Magnets plan to attract masked men and women this Thursday to an inaugural Masquerade Ball. Come as you aren’t.

YOU SAY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY The Last Elm turns six next Monday, the day before elections. Our hats are off to the loose-knit conglomeration of volunteers that’ve kept it going, providing a neighborhood bar-sans-booze, hang-out space and live-music venue for all ages. We predict this establishment on the corner of North and North Winooski will outlast everyone voted into office on Tuesday. Last Elm celebrates itself early, with free cake after the Big Pine Puppet show this Sunday. Many happy returns!

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