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Published August 7, 2012 at 6:42 p.m.

When 27-year-old freelance photographer Ben Sarle heard that friends were organizing an informal campaign to vote him the hippest hipster, the bandana-clad New York native took to Facebook to ward them off. “Winning that would literally be a nightmare,” he wrote.  

Well, sorry, Ben! 

While Sarle may not have the goofiest mustache, tightest jeans or tallest high wheeler, he’s certainly captured Burlington’s hipster side in Thread, the bimonthly arts and culture magazine he founded last August. This month’s issue even includes a 12-photo spread shot by Sarle called “HEY. sweet bike” that features a bunch of folks who would all qualify as runners-up in this category. 

SEVEN DAYS: Isn’t campaigning not to be a hipster as hipster as it gets?

BEN SARLE: Wait, what was the question? I was busy Instagram-ing my tall boy of PBR next to my fixie.

—Paul Heintz