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Published April 9, 2008 at 3:25 p.m.

I keep meaning to post some fun little things, and then I get wrapped up in my own life. I'm self-absorbed like that.

  • Do you find yourself trying to remember if it's time to open presents, and celebrate the birth of Jesus? Then this is for you. Is It Christmas? Click on it, and it'll add itself to your RSS Reader, handy for remembering if it is, or is not indeed Christmas.
  • I'm sort of a geek. OK, I'm a total geek. Part of that is me getting really happy when I find a cool stock image site that provides me with hours of staring-time. CSA is an agency which specializes in vintage imagery. Good for design geeks or those who are into ascetics in general.
  • Apparently, my technique for Blurting usually involves a strange YouTube video in a non-English language. The band's name  is Dschinghis Khan, and from what I can tell (thank you, Wikipedia) they were sort of a German Abba. The "subtitles," in case it's not obvious, are not translation of the German, but hellafunny.