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Published September 26, 2012 at 9:11 a.m.

Dear Mistress,

My partner is into lingerie, specifically when I wear it underneath my clothes when we go out — it really turns him on. The problem is, I’ll buy some lacy thing, wear it a couple of times and then I don’t know how to wash it. The tags say to hand wash, but let’s get real, I can barely wash the dishes. When I do try to hand wash, it doesn’t feel like I really get it clean. I don’t mean to give you TMI, but sometimes the mild detergent doesn’t get the body odors out. So what’s a lazy girl to do? I can’t afford to keep buying new lingerie. Any quick and easy tips for care?


Racy Lacy

Dear Racy,

You’re not alone. I know plenty of women who are loath to take care of their delicates. One friend buys cheap pieces exclusively from downscale department stores so she doesn’t feel guilty tossing them after a few turns in the laundry room. Another friend brings all of her lingerie to the dry cleaner — most anything that says “hand wash” can be dry cleaned. Aside from enduring the shopkeeper’s leering stares, this method works for her. But it’s expensive.

It doesn’t sound like you’re a gal who likes household chores, so perhaps you don’t know that washing machines have a gentle cycle? My favorite way to care for my delicates is to throw them all in a mesh bag, remembering to fasten bra hooks and eyelets (this reduces snagging and tearing). Next, wash the bag on the gentle cycle, with mild detergent, and skip the spin cycle. Lay your skivvies out to dry on clean, white towels (hanging can misshape garments). Popping your lingerie in the washing machine is more risky than hand washing, but it’s a heck of a lot easier. As for the detergent, try a formula specifically made for your most delicate items, such as Lingerie Wash Powder by Hanky Panky (hankypanky.com). Unscented or lightly scented lingerie detergents will get out those pesky body odors without leaving you smelling like a laundromat.

One last note: Though taking care of lingerie may seem like a chore, I commend you for participating in your sexual relationship. Wearing a sultry slip or a tantalizing teddy for your lover is a sure-fire way to keep the passion in your partnership. Surely that’s worth a little extra care with the laundry.

Corsets and bustiers,