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Burlington Comprehensive Development Ordinance

Pursuant to 24 V.S.A. §4442 and §4444, notice is hereby given of a public hearing by the Burlington City Council to hear comments on the following proposed amendments to the City of Burlington's Comprehensive Development Ordinance (CDO):

ZA-22-07: Maximum Parking & TDM

ZA-22-09: Public Art

The public hearing will take place on Monday, January 9, 2023 during the Regular City Council Meeting which begins at 7:00 pm in Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall, 149 Church Street, Burlington, VT or you may access the hearing/meeting as follows:


By telephone: +1 929 205 6099

Webinar ID: 987 9536 9997

Pursuant to the requirements of 24 V.S.A. §4444(b):

Statement of purpose:

The purpose of the proposed amendments are as follows:

• ZA-22-07: To replace minimum parking requirements with maximums, modify transportation demand management requirements, and revise certain use and situational parking standards.

• ZA-22-09: To define public art in the Comprehensive Development Ordinance and establish language exempting public art from standards requiring a zoning permit for its installation.

Geographic areas affected:

These amendments apply to the following areas of the city:

• ZA-22-07: All areas and zoning districts within the city.

• ZA-22-09: All areas and zoning districts within the city.

List of section headings affected:

The proposed amendments modify the following sections of the Burlington Comprehensive Development Ordinance:

• ZA-22-07: Modifies Sec. 4.4.1-D, Sec. 4.4.5-D, Sec. 4.5.3-C, Sec. 4.5.6-C, Sec. 5.1.1-C, Sec. 5.1.1-D, Sec. 5.3.6-C, Sec. 5.4.12-A, Sec. 8.1.3, Sec. 8.1.3-A, Sec. 8.1.3-B, Sec. 8.1.3-C, Sec. 8.1.4, Sec. 8.1.5; Deletes Sec. 8.1.6, Sec. 8.1.7; Modifies Sec. 8.1.8; Deletes Table 8.1.8 - Minimum Off-Street Parking Requirements; Modifies Sec. 8.1.9; Modifies Table 8.1.9-1 – Maximum Off-Street Parking Requirements; Modifies Sec. 8.1.9-A, Sec. 8.1.12; Deletes Sec 8.1.15; Modifies Sec. 8.1.16-B; Sec. 8.1.16-C; Modifies Sec. 8.3.3, Sec. 8.3.4 and Sec. 8.3.5.

• ZA-22-09: Modifies Sec. 3.1.2-C; and Sec 13.1.2

The full text of the Burlington Comprehensive Development Ordinance is available online at Upon request, a hard copy of the proposed amendments can be viewed at the Clerk's Office located on the second floor of City Hall, 149 Church Street, Burlington, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or on the department's website at