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Burlington Comprehensive Development Ordinance Amendment

ZA-21-07: Height Measurements, Dormers & Eaves

ZA-21-08: Act 179 Changes to Ch. 117

ZA-21-09: Updates and Corrections to Article 14

Pursuant to 24 V.S.A. §4441 and §4444, notice is hereby given of a public hearing by the Burlington Planning Commission to hear comments on the following proposed amendments to the City of Burlington's Comprehensive Development Ordinance (CDO). Per Act 92, Secs. 5 and 6, the public hearing will take place during the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 beginning at Time Certain 6:45pm. You may access the hearing/meeting as follows:

To join from a Computer, please click this URL to join, and enter the Webinar ID if prompted:

To join by phone, dial this number and enter the Webinar ID when prompted:
Number: +1 312 626 6799
Webinar ID: 873 8317 0809

Pursuant to the requirements of 24 V.S.A. §4444(b):

Statement of purpose:
The purpose of the proposed amendments are as follows:

- ZA-21-07: To clarify building height measurements, when and how dormers affect building height, and defines dormers and eaves.

- ZA-21-08: To incorporate recent changes to state enabling statute regarding ADU's, existing small lots, and small multi-unit dwellings.

- ZA-21-09: To make a range of corrections and updates to Article 14 based on its application.

Geographic areas affected:

These amendments apply to the following areas of the city:

- ZA-21-07: All areas and zoning districts within the city.

- ZA-21-08: All areas and zoning districts within the city.

- ZA-21-09: Form Districts 5, 6, and Civic located in the downtown area of the city.

List of section headings affected:

The proposed amendments modify the following sections of the Burlington Comprehensive Development Ordinance:

- ZA-21-07: Modifies Sec. 5.2.6 (a) 1.; adds Sec. 5.2.6(a) 2.D and Sec. 5.2.6 (b); Modifies Sec. 6.3.2. (a) 2; and Modifies Article 13: Definitions

- ZA-21-08: Modifies Sec. 5.2.1; Modifies Sec. 5.4.5; Modifies Sec.13.1.2; and Modifies Appendix A- Use Table

-ZA-21-09: Modifies Sec. 14.1.3; Sec 14.3.4-C; Sec.14.3.4-E; Sec.14.3.4-F; Sec.14.3.4-G; Sec 14.3.5-C; Sec.14.3.5-E; Sec.14.3.5-F; Sec.14.3.5-G; Creates Sec. 14.3.6.-I Water Dependent; Modifies Sec. 14.4.13; Sec. 14.5.15; Sec. 14.6.4; Sec. 14.6.7; Sec. 14.6.8; Sec. 14.7.1; Sec. 14.7.2; Sec. 14.7.3; and Sec. 14.8; and Modifies Article 14- Map 3 Shopfront Required

The full text of the Burlington Comprehensive Development Ordinance is available online at The proposed amendment can be reviewed in hard copy posted on the first floor of City Hall, 149 Church Street, Burlington or online at