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By law, public notice of proposed rules must be given by publication in newspapers of record. The purpose of these notices is to give the public a chance to respond to the proposals. The public notices for administrative rules are now also available online at . The law requires an agency to hold a public hearing on a proposed rule, if requested to do so in writing by 25 persons or an association having at least 25 members.

To make special arrangements for individuals with disabilities or special needs please call or write the contact person listed below as soon as possible.

To obtain further information concerning any scheduled hearing(s), obtain copies of proposed rule(s) or submit comments regarding proposed rule(s), please call or write the contact person listed below. You may also submit comments in writing to the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, State House, Montpelier, Vermont 05602 (802-828-2231).


Vermont Water Quality Standards.

Vermont Proposed Rule: 22P009

AGENCY: Agency of Natural Resources

CONCISE SUMMARY: The Vermont Water Quality Standards (WQS) are being amended to clarify applicability of the Standards, reflect updates to policy related to streamflow and stream processes, update water quality criteria for consistency with federal standards, and reflect changes enacted under Act 32 of 2021. Amendments to the Rule include: 1. Language regarding the application of the Standards to wetlands; 2. Language articulating the requirements of state certifications issued pursuant to Section 401 of the CWA; 3. Update to aquatic biota-based criteria clarifying that 30Q10 flows apply for chronic criteria that utilize a 30-day average; 4. Updates to methodology associated with determining hydrology criteria; 5. Updates to methodology associated with numeric biological indices and aquatic habitat assessments; 6. Updates to the Management Objectives and Criteria; 7. Reclassification of three A(1) streams in the Lower Otter Creek Watershed; 8. Changes to Appendix C, including updates to aluminum and copper criteria.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT: Bethany Sargent, DEC Monitoring and Assessment Program, Agency of Natural Resources 1 National Life Drive, Davis 3, Montpelier, VT 05620-3522 Tel: 802-490-6131 Fax: 802-828-1544 Email: URL:

FOR COPIES: Hannah Smith, Agency of Natural Resources 1 National Life Drive, Davis 2, Montpelier, VT 05620-3522 Tel: 802-461-8187 Fax: 802-828-1544 Email:


Rule 2.000 Rules of Practice.

Vermont Proposed Rule: 22P010

AGENCY: Public Utility Commission

CONCISE SUMMARY: The Commission has not comprehensively revised its rules of practice in many years. The proposed rule will update the Commission's rules of practice to, among other things, (1) reflect the implementation of the Commission's electronic filing system, (2) more clearly identify the portions of the Vermont Rules of Civil Procedure that apply in Commission proceedings, (3) better facilitate public participation by non-lawyers in Commission proceedings by incorporating all rules of procedure into a single source and clarifying their meaning and application, making it easier for public participants to understand what rules apply, and (4) incorporate certain procedural changes that were made on an emergency basis during the COVID-19 pandemic, including clarifying that the Commission may hold status conferences and hearings remotely (and allow remote participation even at in-person hearings) and that parties may file documents without notarization.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT: Kyle Landis-Marinello, Esq. Vermont Public Utility Commission 112 State Street, 4th Fl., Montpelier, VT 05602 Tel: 802-828-1158 Fax: 802-828-3352 Email: URL:

FOR COPIES: John Cotter, Esq. Vermont Public Utility Commission 112 State Street, 4th Fl., Montpelier, VT 05602 Tel: 802-828-1161 Fax: 802-828-3352 Email: