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Pre-Election Political Video Snacking


Published November 2, 2008 at 6:56 a.m.

"Video Snacking" is a web term that emerged early this year. I first saw it in this January NYT article. It refers to the habit of watching video clips online at work, during your lunch break. Apparently it's a trend.

Since I don't own a TV, I do my video snacking at all hours of the day, often at home after I put the kids to bed. It's my way of keeping up with what everyone else is talking about. It's the only way I've ever experienced "The Daily Show" or "SNL" in the past 10 years. So for me, it's more of a video meal.

I've been watching a lot of video online lately. This election has inspired so many people to create really clever video content, which they can spread instantly and globally, thanks to the internet. It's a great time to be a political junkie.

I've collected some of my favorite videos of the campaign season in this post. I may try to do another one before the election. Most of the videos I've come across have been pro-Obama. I don't know if that's because most of the people doing this type of video are pro-Obama, or because that's the type of video that gets spread through the networks I'm plugged into.

In any case, if anyone knows of similarly clever pro-McCain/Palin videos, I'm happy to post them in my next roundup. Please put the link in the comments field.

I'll start with one that probably everyone has already seen —'s celebrity-studded "Yes We Can" video. It's been viewed more than 11 million times on YouTube. Blogger Andrew Sullivan calls it "the video that changed an election campaign." His readers voted it the best third-party video of the election.

Continue reading this post to see "Hockey Mama for Obama," "The Great Schlep," "The Vet Who Did Not Vet," The McCain-Obama dance-off and "Les Misbarack."