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Playing Footsies

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Published December 26, 2013 at 5:01 a.m.

Dear Mistress Maeve,

I’ve been together with a guy for three months. I noticed pretty quickly that he took an interest in my feet. He always offers to rub them if we’re lounging on the couch, and he always compliments me when I get a pedicure. I don’t find my feet particularly erotic, but I don’t mind the extra attention and compliments. If my hunch is right and he really does love feet, how can I turn him on even more? What do “feet guys” like?


Foot Long

Dear Foot Long,

I love how open you are to trying new things and entertaining your partner’s predilections. Rest assured that your boyfriend’s fondness for feet isn’t uncommon. Ian Kerner, a sex therapist and founder of, recently told ABC News: “Foot partialism, or a foot fetish, is actually the most common form of fetish; it’s only defined as a problem when the person or couple define it as a problem.”

You could simply have an honest conversation with your man to suss out what turns him on, saying something like: “I noticed you like my feet — what can I do to make you give them even more attention? I’m game.” Or, if you’d rather surprise him with some foot-friendly flirting, get your foot in the door with one of these suggestions:

Ask him to paint your toes. The next time your toes need a touch-up, ask him if he’d mind getting down there and painting your toes a pretty pink. If his blush matches the nail polish, you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Take him shoe shopping. Not every foot man has a shoe fetish, but watching you slip your toes in and out of sexy heels and boots will surely get his heart racing. Go to an upscale shoe shop or department store where retail associates will fetch your shoes and help you try them on — if your guy has any taste for servitude, this will put him over the edge.

If you want to walk on the wild side...

Give him a foot job. A foot job is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — rather than using your hands or mouth to stimulate his penis, you’ll use your feet. The next time you’re lazing on the couch, slowly creep your feet closer to his crotch and watch for his reaction. You may want to discuss foot jobs with your man before surprising him, but if he loves feet — he’ll likely be in heaven!

Playing footsies,


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