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Parenting Participation: Music for You and the Kids



This month, we asked our Facebook followers what music they like listening to with their kids. Find their answers below.

We are pretty big Green Day fans! Rocking out in the car seat.
— Ayla Klauzenberg

Whip/Nae Nae all the live long day!
— Charlotte Miller

Our daughter currently loves rocking out to Pat Benatar. It's the cutest. When "Heartbreaker" starts, she drops everything and starts dancing — arms in the air, hips swaying, rock star face. We can't help but join the dance and singing party with her.
— Alexandra Tursi

My 4-year-old's current obsession is Queen. We listen to a LOT of Queen.
— Jane Lindholm

We listen to everything from the hip-hop that their friends listen to to Vitamin String Quartet. That's a family favorite as the boys are gaining an appreciation for classical music while enjoying some of today's top hits that they're familiar with. Win-win.
— Samantha Little

My daughter loves Weird Al [Yankovic]! I love that we can all listen to the CD and enjoy it.
— Meagan Oberly

My 2 1/2-year-old loves "Ain't No Man" from the Avett Brothers. He turns it up and dances like crazy. We also have a Mister Chris and Friends CD that he plays constantly — singing and dancing to his favorites on repeat.
— Sara Beth Lovitz

My 8-year-old grew up listening to Scandinavian heavy metal like Amorphis. And my 7-month-old falls asleep the best of all listening to the Magical Child CD by Michael Jones and folk lullabies, which I sing him every day.
— Svetlana Zhebrunova

Bob Marley, Jerry Garcia, Pete Seeger, Offspring and recently introduced Metallica... Nothing like having your kid walk around singing, "Am I evil? Yes, I am!"
— Christine Holt

This article was originally published in Seven Days' monthly parenting magazine, Kids VT.