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Side Dishes: The Skinny gets ransacked


Published September 24, 2008 at 5:45 a.m.

If bad things truly happen in threes, fans of The Skinny Pancake should cross their fingers. On Sunday, September 14, the company's cart - from which staffers peddle creative crêpes on Church Street - was vandalized. "The awning was cut off with a Sawzall and dragged 100 yards and left next to a dumpster," reports co-owner Benjy Adler. Given the power tool, he guesses "the vandalism was premeditated." At the time of the crime, the cart was parked in the Main Street Landing lot.

Then, just a week later, criminals struck again. "Someone broke the door in the middle of the night and came in and took our . . . very heavy safe. They put it on our dolly - they took our dolly, too," Adler explains sadly.

Were the two crimes related? Adler hopes not. "I'm an optimist, and I believe in the good of all people," he says. "I think these are just coincidental bad-news situations." In the case of the break-in, Adler believes he may know who is responsible. "Authorities are working on the situation," he offers. Luckily, so is the resto's insurance company.

How will the thief get into the safe? Adler says it's anyone's guess. "It's a pretty heavy-duty safe. I recommend that everyone walking down the street under tall buildings be careful, because he might be trying to lob the safe off of a tall rooftop to try to crack it open."