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Nutraloaf... Yum!


Published April 9, 2008 at 11:29 a.m.

Last week we learned that Vermont prison inmates don't like Nutraloaf. Apparently, when inmates "misuse" their food and utensils, prison officials feed them Nutraloaf. Now some of them are suing to stop that practice.

But is Nutraloaf really so bad? Naturally, all of us here were wondering. So reporter Mike Ives visited the Northwest State Correctional Facility to try some. And lucky us, he brought a batch back to the office, so we all got a taste! Here's Allison Davis and Brooke Dooley, helping themselves.

My verdict — not too bad, but the aftertaste is kinda unpleasant. Here's Mike's story on prison food from this week's Seven Days.