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Published July 10, 2008 at 7:54 p.m.

Every Thursday, I put together our weekly email newsletter, Notes on the Weekend (NOW). I spend a few hours on it, and put a little personal message on top, but I don't get much feedback about it from the outside world.

No one ever sends any letters to the editor about NOW, or makes comments about it anywhere — except when they unsubscribe from our email list.

There are a handful of people who unsubscribe every week — fewer, thankfully, than the number of people who add themselves to the list. Sometimes they leave a little message to explain why they opted out, sometimes not. For a while there, we were getting a lot of people unsubscribing their Adelphia addresses and adding their Comcast addresses. Sometimes people say they get "too much email."

Nine times out of ten, though, the people who leave messages either say they switched email addresses, or they moved out of the area.

Today, of the three people who unsubscribed, two left messages saying they moved away. And one of them said this:

moved and too sad to see all the great stuff happening

I checked, and he had been getting the NOW since the first issue — in January of 2007!

Goodbye, loyal NOW subscriber. I'll miss you. Thanks for reading.