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The Town of Richmond, VT is/are considering making application to the State of Vermont for a VCDP Implementation Grant 2021 under the Vermont Community Development Program. A public hearing will be held at 7:00 PM on 9/7/2021 at 203 Bridge St. Richmond, VT to obtain the views of citizens on community development, to furnish information concerning the amount of funds available and the range of community development activities that may be undertaken under this program, the impact to any historic and archaeological resources that may be affected by the proposed project, and to give affected citizens the opportunity to examine the proposed statement of projected use of these funds.

The proposal is to apply for $500,000 in VCDP funds which will be used to accomplish the following activities: For rehabilitation of White Farmhouse, 2083 East Main Street, property of the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps. This Farmhouse provides housing for VYCC participants and staff and thus serves as an essential resource for VYCC's paid service programs and food security efforts. Funds would both expand capacity to house people and provide greatly needed weatherization to this structure.

Copies of the proposed application are available at 203 Bridge St. Richmond VT and may be viewed during the hours of 8am - 4pm Monday - Thursday. . Should you require any special accommodations, please contact Josh Arneson at 802-434-5170 to ensure appropriate accommodations are made. For the hearing impaired please call (TTY) #1-800-253-0191.

Legislative Body for the Town of Richmond

Copy submitted by: Josh Arneson

Phone: 802-434-5170