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What's New? 

Welcome to the new Seven Days website (launched February 11, 2014). We hope you agree that the newest incarnation is an improvement over our last site, which served us well since 2008. This new version allows us more flexibility to make subtle design changes over time rather than relying on a huge overhaul every six years. Translation: This is just the beginning! We've got lots of ideas about how to make this the best website in Vermont. Now we have the power to implement them — hooray! What ideas do you have for us?

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It's all here under one roof

Rather than having separate websites for our 7 Nights dining guide, our blogs and our newspaper, we've merged all the sites together so that all that content is in one place. Which makes it much easier to...

Search all of our content with one click

Using the handy search bar at the top of your screen, you can search all of our archives at once by keyword or narrow your search to just articles and posts, locations or events. Can you believe we never had a keyword search on our old site? Speaking of obvious omissions, what's a modern website without...

Comments, ratings and sharing — oh my!

Right next to that search box is a handy "Sign-in" link. Click it to make an account for yourself using a Facebook account or an email address. Once you're signed in, you can easily comment on any article or post. You can also share, rate and review locations and events. Speaking of events...

More ways to share (and remember) your plans

Seven Days is a great place to look up local events and plan an adventure. Now you can share your plans with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare and Reddit. Favorite the event to show other Seven Days readers that you're a fan and add it to your own custom list of events. Absent-minded? Use the "text me" button to schedule a text reminder or add the event to your schedule using iCal.

No more pinching

Seven Days is now smartphone friendly! All of the content from our desktop site is now easily viewable and searchable on the go. Our site will tell you which restaurants and clubs are near you and what events are happening there right now. Want to brag about a scrumptious dinner or rockin' show? Whip out your phone and add your own review.

Have a question? Can't find something?
Please visit the FAQ page...