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Side Dishes: American Flatbread goes urban


Everyone wants a piece of the Vermont locavore movement, even the gourmets of New York City. They’ll get one late this year or early next year when American Flatbread opens its first Manhattan location.

Franchisee Billy Reilly, owner of the Tribeca Rooftop event space and a sometime Vermonter, attended an NYC neighborhood community board meeting last week to share his intentions. The restaurant, at 205 Hudson Street, will open at 7 a.m. for breakfast. American Flatbread president Clay Westbrook says morning fare will include the eggs Benedict pizza popularized at the Burlington location, as well as “good coffee and sweet things for people on the go.”

Free from Burlington’s early last calls, the restaurant will pour suds until 3 a.m. Like the Vermont American Flatbreads, the new spot will showcase local products — that is, New York ones. “It will more focus on what’s local to them,” says Westbrook. “A lot of the ingredients will be from their area. For example, our restaurants here have a local Vermont pork. We would source from a local pig farmer there.”

Westbrook divulges that more New York American Flatbread franchises may not be far behind, listing Brooklyn and Long Island as potential hot spots. “[We’ll expand] as slowly and as well as we can,” he says. “I don’t think we’re wanting to do anything too quickly. Especially in New York, we really want to make a go of it and see how we do in that market. With success, we’ll continue to branch off from there.”