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New Technology at Old Shaw Farm

...And on their farm they have a blog, e-i-e-i-o


Published October 31, 2006 at 6:18 p.m.

At Peter and Maryellen Griffins farm in South Peacham, blogging is now one of the daily chores. Posts include recipes, such as a recent one for delicata squash and bleu cheese quiche, and information about what its like to run a small, organic, CSA farm.

Beginning a blog wasnt part of the Griffins plan Im not a computer whiz, claims Peter. It was actually a farm-warming present to the couple from a tech-savvy friend. In April of 2003, he helped get their site set up, and the couple began posting about their big empty barn, the progress of their seedlings, and the complications involved in buying a tractor.

We have family scattered all over the country, says Peter, who figured the blog would be a way for them to keep track of what were up to. To his surprise, they began to receive emails from all over the world. Using tracking software, Peter has learned that gets more than 1200 unique visitors a month from 50-plus countries.

Despite the sites popularity, the Griffins plan to keep it simple. Peter is happy that the page helps us keep in touch with our current customers, and hed love to find an hour to add links to other food and farm blogs he and Maryellen enjoy. Weve had a couple people mention that we could make money having ads on our blog, which seems bizarre, frankly, Peter says.

What kind of entries are customer favorites? Recipes for unusual vegetables get them excellent rankings on Google, Peter reports. Were pretty high up there for garlic scapes, I think. He adds that prospective farmers are encouraged by posts about how to deal with a new farming operation. The in-laws? Maryellens mother would rather have it all be about the grandkids.