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Naughty and Nice

Holiday hopes from Vermont's music scene


Published December 22, 2010 at 1:04 p.m.

Every year around the holidays, Seven Days checks in with some of the artists, booking agents, label managers, and other movers and shakers who make up the local music scene to find out what they’d like to see in their Christmas stockings. With only a few shopping days left, here’s what they said.

DJ Fattie B

1. For my fiancée to buy me the recently released 16-DVD set of every episode of “Yo! MTV Raps.” For real.

2. For someone to break my “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” CD so I would be unable to ever play it again at ’80s night.

3. For the chance to share a bottle of whiskey and a joint with Biggie, James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Rick James.

Kelly Ravin

Waylon Speed

One of Creston [Lea]’s Teles, and for the Drive-By Truckers to come to HG. Is that so much to ask?

Big Heavy World, 105.9 FM WOMM-LP the Radiator

Big Heavy World and the Radiator would have asked for a box of happiness, but it turned out the office is one. We would have asked for sparkly, magic new studio equipment, but Santa’s punk-ass rebel elves — and Vermont businesses and friends — threw down early and set us up before Christmas came. Our last wish was that everyone knew how good a time it is to work at Big Heavy and the Radiator, surrounded by Vermont’s music and Burlington’s craziest, most artful, giving and thoughtful volunteers. Let’s find that under the tree!

Rebecca Kopycinski

Nuda Veritas

I wish this year that Dan Bolles would come out to more shows! (Editor’s note: So does Dan Bolles.)

Karen Krajacic

Folk by Association

A teleportation device! Who put all these places so far apart?

Jay Blanchard

Mars Pyramid Records

Vermont’s experimental-music scene is more diverse and prolific than at any time in its history. I hope that in 2011, the state, the nation, and the world continue to further appreciate the great avant-garde music coming out of our wonderful little state!

Zack duPont

Stacked, Japhy Ryder

I would like for the Flynn Center to pair local support acts with national artists. This town has so much to offer its musicians, but it’s tough to really connect with a crowd in noisy bars or to fully appreciate music as a listener in that setting. The Flynn is one of the only rooms in town where music is sought out in the traditional art form. So, let’s nurture our local artists who deserve a shot at connecting with larger crowds in Burlington. Support local music!

Raph Worrick

The Dirtminers, the Plastic Billionaires

A publicly funded revolving stage, heated by flame cannons in winter and surrounded by a circular swimming moat in summer, should be installed in City Hall Park.

Josh Brooks


My old Chaos Fest “Give us your money … fucker” T-shirt, which I would mass-produce and send out to all the good folks in Washington, D.C., rewriting the tax code.

Brad Barratt

DJ Humble Janitor, WRUV

To host local punk, ska, hardcore and maybe even metal bands on my show, and help promote more local acts using my show as a tool for the local music community.

Aya Inoue

The Amida Bourbon Project

Dear Santa: You know that old building that used to be Sh-Na-Na’s in Burlington? The big, empty building downtown? The historic one near the water? I want that building to be a bowling alley where everyone is required to wear bathrobes, including the local bands that play there every night. White Russian: optional. Bathrobe: mandatory. It’s a simple request, Santa. Now make it happen.

Brian Murphy

former blogger, False 45th

A rebirth of Montpelier’s Lamb Abbey. (Editor’s note: Our wish? That Brian Murphy ditches the “former” from his title.)

Simeon Chapin


An online cultural shift toward appreciating slow music — like slow food. A progressive DJ/conscious hip-hop/contemporary global-music standing-room series booked at the FlynnSpace. Seven Days increasing its print space for music. More sound people like Rachel Bischoff. VPR realizing that it could be the next KEXP, KCRW or KUT, and that Burlington is ready.

Matt Vachon

The Boomflowers

My holiday wish, as it always is, would be for more local music venues to feature original music. But playing in a cover band these past few years has taught me that most people just want to hear the same old songs, great songs though they may be. But come on! How many times can you listen to “Don’t Stop Believing”?

Ben Maddox


I hope that all the people working on albums this winter will be able to crack down and kick out the jams. You’ll be dead soon! Get to work.

Andrew Parker-Renga


I wish for LeRoi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band to be brought back to life. I wish for Vermont Folk Instruments to come back. And I wish for one of my single friends to ask out the hot blond girl who works at Mr. Mike’s. If you’ve ever partied in Burlington, you know who I am talking about.

Peg Tassey

I sincerely wish John Lennon were alive and making music. I wish the Hollywood Indians were still playing at Border. I wish my TV would break — but if not, I wish there was a reality show about the Burlington music scene. (Watch out “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”!) I wish Beck would produce and play on my new album. I wish the whole world could hear my boyfriend, Indigo [Ruth-Davis], play cello. I wish people would leave me alone when I say I like Froggy [100.9]. It makes me happy. I wish I had a mini-column in Seven Days. I’d call it “Most Music Sucks, But I Love the Humans Who Make It and Really Appreciate That They Do.”

Bobby Hackney Jr.

Rough Francis

1. A louder PA system at the Monkey House.

2. Bosco Mann (Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings) to produce the new Rough Francis album.

3. The Fags reunion show at 242 Main.

4. One partridge and one pear tree.

Rev. Blonde

Dirty Blondes

This year, nothing under the tree would make me happier than a bass player, guitarist and co-lead singer all in the same state for more than two minutes at a time. And to have that CD I mentioned last year to really be finally finished. And for Grace Potter to meet me on the corner of King and Battery to duke it out. I’ll stick that “Ooh la la” right where the sun don’t shine.

Cheryl Willoughby

director of programming, VPR Classical, and host of “World of Music,” 105.9 FM the Radiator

I want Anaïs Mitchell’s Hadestown to get the packaging/design Grammy it’s nominated for, and the new year to hold many more local recordings as fine as Michèle Choinière’s La Violette.

Creston Lea

guitar enthusiast

Five more parking spots outside the Monkey House, 10 more hours in the day and one Bag of Panties reunion show.

Eric Olsen

Swale, Blue Button, James Kochalka Superstar, SAP

1. More time.

2. An agreement that we’ll all slow down at yellow lights rather than speed up.

3. Swale full-length CD.

4. Beatles listening parties with my wife and daughter.

5. Blue Button full-length CD.

6. An agreement that we’ll all rent our movies from Waterfront Video and buy our music at Pure Pop.

7. Even more time.