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My Man Wants to Pee on Me — Is It Dangerous?


Dear Athena,

My man wants to pee on me. I've never done it before. Is it dangerous for him? What can happen?


To Pee or Not to Pee

Dear to Pee,

Props to you guys for exploring your kinkier sides and keepin' it fresh. Well, maybe in this case "fresh" isn't the right word...

Peeing on someone isn't "dangerous," but it's certainly not the cleanest of sex acts. Urolagnia, sexual excitement associated with urine, is a fairly common fetish and nothing to be concerned about — as long as you're down with posing as a human urinal. That's your call. Not to suggest that your guy equates you with such a place — or vice versa, if you decide to switch it up. Just sayin'.

Really, the thing to consider is where to perform the act. May I suggest the shower? It's got a drain for easy cleanup and a showerhead for rinsing. Bear in mind, urine is a collection of your body's waste. No matter how much a golden shower arouses you both, you might want it off your body almost as soon as it makes contact. On the other hand, some sources suggest that urine is sterile and nontoxic and can even help athlete's foot. Multitasking foreplay? Why not?

Side note: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American household uses up to 300 gallons of water per day. Seventy percent of that occurs indoors, so you'd be conserving water by peeing in the shower. Yay for uncovering the environmental benefits of your sex life!