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My Dearest Darling, My Dearest Darling

Album Review


Published December 9, 2009 at 8:53 a.m.


(Self-released, CD)

Don’t look now, but it seems Burlington may have its own version of an indie-rock supergroup in My Dearest Darling. Composed of two former members of Tell No One/Akrasia (Daniel Munzing, Chris Mathieu), half of Lendway (Todd Gevry, Matt Hagen) and one Villanelle (Zane Gunderson), the band is set to release its self-titled debut album. And as with any true supergroup, the results represent a whole that is sometimes greater than the sum of its parts.

“The Perfect Vice” gets things underway with a rippling piano slide that erupts into a roiling swarm of glassy synth and grimy electric guitar. MDD settle into a punishing groove just long enough that the ensuing wash of ethereal harmony at the chorus feels like a sucker punch. Just as quickly, the band switches gears again, this time laying into a funky low-end riff tempered with eerie, warped guitar sustains.

The sonic schizophrenia continues on the following cut, “Secrets,” which vacillates between a sinewy, synth-heavy groove and pristine harmonic interludes. As he does in instances throughout the record, Munzing — the group’s primary architect — proves one sneakily subversive songwriter.

“Awake (on This Day)” is a standout, recalling both Villanelles’ knack for the theatric and Lendway’s hooky pop confections.

“Luna Moth & Fireflies” is next and, appropriately enough, both flutters and sparkles amid a constellation of nebulous, synth-laced shooting stars, courtesy of Hagen’s arcing guitar.

“Wasted Youth” bubbles pleasantly — again, with healthy helpings of synth and a touch of organ. Here, Munzing takes full advantage of the copious vocal talents at his disposal, dispatching his bandmates to match the song’s celestial aesthetic with blossoming harmonies.

“Blink of an Eye” wraps up the disc and, in a way, melds each of the individual sonic charms that preceded it, like a microcosm of the album itself. It’s a fitting end to a marvelous effort from some of Burlington’s finest up-and-coming talents.

My Dearest Darling release their new disc this Thursday at Nectar’s.