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Buch Spieler Records and The Getup Vintage

Buch Spieler Records - PAMELA POLSTON
  • Pamela Polston
  • Buch Spieler Records

Buch Spieler Records and The Getup Vintage — Montpelier is filled with unique boutiques, but the one that takes me to my happy place is Buch Spieler Records and, within it, the Getup Vintage. I browse the funny cards first — particularly the New Yorker cartoon selection. Overhead, leaning against a stained-glass window, is a giant cardboard cat that alarms visiting dogs. Vinyl records dangle from the ceiling like flat piñatas, and thousands of for-sale LPs span every genre and era. On the Getup side, colorful hanging dresses from yesteryear add festive frill. The record store, founded in 1973 by Fred Wilber and now co-owned by Xavier Jimenez and Knayte Lander, and the recycled-clothing enterprise, owned by Hannah Bean and Jeff Thomson, joined forces under one roof five years ago. It’s a simpatico relationship: Here, the past is a present.

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