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More Than a Shed


Art auctions are nearly epidemic these days, but here's a unique twist: Norwich University's Design Build Program, led by prof/architect Danny Sagan, constructed a T-Box--that's short for Thoreau Box--this semester and is now auctioning it off. Trust me, you want this. But only some of you can afford it. The starting bid, on April 20, was $3750. According to Sagan today, that price is holding steady. He suggests that if it goes for around four grand, the nifty addition to your home, or freestanding unit in the backyard, will cost a modest $40 per SF.

So, what the heck is it?

The T-Box (name inspired by the godfather of DIY, H.D. Thoreau) is a 128 SF mini bldg made primarily of local materials and distinguished by lots of windows and walls that cant out away from the 8x12 footprint. Most of it is insulated and there's a 32 SF covered porch (I envision cocktails in 'Dack chairs). It is "mobile," Sagan notes, meaning the whole thing can be taken apart and put together again in a different location. So, if you get it, "some assembly required"?

Nope. The design-build students will do that for you; you just pay for the price of the van that delivers it to you.
Wanna start bidding? Two options: Call Sagan and leave your bid on his voicemail at 802-485-2882, or visit the design build website (where you can also see other proejcts created by the School of Architecture and Art). Oh, and the proceeds from the T-Box will fund the design-build programs efforts to create projects in the community. Previous partners include Habitat for Humanity and the Roxbury Library.

P.S. Sagan says people can come on Monday and view the T-Box--it's in the hockey rink (pic shows it under construction). Bidding closes Monday end of day.