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More Beaver Trouble


Published January 14, 2009 at 1:25 p.m.

No, it's not a Mistress Maeve post... get yer mind out of the gutter. I got an email yesterday from Green Mountain Animal Defenders with an update on the Essex Junction beavers (see previous Blurt post). Apparently, there are more beavers that could use some help:

Here is the latest news on the beavers at Indian Brook Park in Essex. Unfortunately, five of the beavers were killed by conibear traps before we were able to convince the Essex Selectboard to order it stopped. However,at our urging, the traps have been taken out of the water, and the remaining beavers are no longer in danger — for now. GMAD members have visited the site, and it is clear that some of the beavers, including at least one adult beaver, did survive, and is able to provide for the younger beavers. Fresh wood shavings and other signs indicate that the beavers have been cutting trees and branches recently.

GMAD has also gotten word of another case involving beavers. At the Burlington waterfront, part or all of a beaver colony’s lodge or food supply may have inadvertently been removed by a construction crew who were ordered to clean up debris at a renovation site. GMAD was alerted to this by a concerned citizen. Therefore, we have been in contact with the Mayor's office and Larry Kupferman, who is in charge of the construction project.

Fortunately, they have agreed not to cause further damage to the beaver’s home, or harm other wildlife at this construction site. However, we are looking into the possibility of supplementally feeding the beavers — in case they have in fact lost their food supply for the winter.

We are now looking for suggestions for any places where we may be able to cut tree limbs or collect fallen limbs of trees that may provide food for beavers. Donations of tree limbs from the following trees would be greatly appreciated: black or white birch, aspen, willow, cottonwood, and alder.  In addition, apples are a favorite treat of the beavers, so if you have a large excess supply of apples, we will gratefully accept donations.