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Published November 16, 2008 at 9:23 p.m.

So, you're really into that guy in psych101 who wears that neon hat and sits two rows and three seats to left of you. Or, maybe you've been eyeing that girl who creates the most beautiful salads at [insert name of wealthy benefactor] dining hall. You've got a crush, so obviously, the next step is to simply ask him/her on a date, right?

Not exactly. Generation Y, especially those of us on college campuses, are increasingly dependent upon modern technology as a dating crutch. Whether it be AIM, Facebook or text messaging, we have a talent of prolonging the inevitable face-to-face interaction that is, actually, necessary for a healthy, stable relationship. Well, Konstantin Schaller and Hussein Alramini, two Middlebury seniors, created yet another medium that perpetuates this e-dating trend.

"Middvites" is a website where you can anonymously invite your crush to social functions that range from dorm parties to discussions with the college President, or even, to the end of class registration (now that's a hot date right there). You simply fill out your email address, that babe-with-the-dreads' email address and the event you will be attending on said night. Middvites then sends the invitation, and, if necessary, facilitates a conversation between you and your crush, all anonymous of course. From there, the difficult choice between confessing your love or simply staring from a distance, is on you.

Since the site is relatively new, the success rate is still to be determined, but at the very least, it does provide a list of hot on-campus events, which, through Twitter, can be sent to cell phones... Freshman twiddling their thumbs in their room at 9pm on Friday nights are rejoicing everywhere.

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