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Mayor Bob Kiss: A "Vetting" Problem?


Mayor Bob Kiss formally reached out to the Burlington chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars — twice — in an effort to assuage damage created by a mayoral stand-in speaker at yesterday's Veterans Day ceremony in Battery Park.

"The remarks were unfortunate," said Joe Reinert, assistant to the mayor. "They were not the mayor's words, nor was it his speech by any means."

Kiss called the VFW yesterday after he learned of the remarks, and will do so again today, said Reinert.

According to attendees who contacted Seven Days, the mayor's stand-in honored military conscientious objectors rather than veterans.

"Kiss has the right of free speech — as fought for by these and other vets," wrote one attendee. "But what I could hear of the contents, it sounded like it was read to antagonize and anger those in attendance — who simply wanted to honor those in the military!"