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Loco for Boloco?

Side Dishes: New Church Street resto has burritos all wrapped up


There were juicy smoothies and mini-burritos galore at Boloco's soft opening last Thursday. The resto, located in the old Quiznos spot on Church Street, officially became the lucky 13th link in a New England chain of eateries when it opened to the public on Friday. Staffers serve up wraps, smoothies, salads and snacks daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Attendees at the special event got to sample all of Boloco's savory roll-ups in three-bite-sized portions. The flavors range from chicken teriyaki - tarted up with sweet caramelized onions, broccoli and carrots - to buffalo chicken. In the latter, the requisite pieces of celery, typically delivered alongside hot wings, are tucked inside.

The smoothies and shakes were flowing, too. Peppy staffers paraded through the restaurant offering plastic cuplets filled with concoctions such as the Cape Codder, a booze-free blend of apple juice, berries, sorbet and non-fat fro-yo.

A favorite query from the evening: "Wanna try a Jimmy Carter?" Unlike its namesake, the peanut-butter-and-banana-flavored combo netted high approval ratings. Perhaps "The Elvis" would have been a better moniker. Then again, it's made with lowfat milk.

According to Area Manager Matt Taylor, customers are already praising Boloco's flexible ordering options. Since the burritos come in two sizes, he explains, "a lot of people opt to downsize a bit. You don't have to get a football-sized burrito." He boasts about the staffers' technique, too: "We wrap ours really tight, so you can eat while you walk or back at your desk."

Vermonters are also digging the Boston-based chain's "green" certification. Its eco-friendly initiatives include using humanely raised meats and renewable "Plyboo" - yep, that's plywood made from bamboo.

"Each year [the corporation] adds two new initiatives that lessen our environmental impact," Taylor says.