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Letters to the Editor


Missing Marble

Megan James’ article about the disappearance of Marble Arvidson is by far the best piece I’ve read on the subject [“Inside a Case,” November 16]. She did a phenomenal job of presenting previously unknown information about this young man. I really appreciate the care with which she wrote about Marble and his family. Marble remains in my thoughts, and I hope you’ll continue to cover this case.

Christina Ryan

Columbus, Ohio

Anywhere But Chittenden County

As one of the displaced employees from the Waterbury Complex, I’ll be thrilled if either town wins [“Barre v. Waterbury: Two Towns Duke It Out for Vermont’s Displaced State Workers,” November 23]. It’s no picnic being forced to commute to Chittenden County in order to keep your job. When taking into consideration the cost of this commute, it amounts to another pay cut on top of the one we already took.

Vicki Strobridge


Love Hackie

I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoy the Hackie column in Seven Days. I just realized that the columns are archived on the Seven Days website! Yay! In case I miss one, which I try very hard not to do, I can go to the website. I discovered Seven Days shortly after we moved to Vermont in July 2009. I quickly came to the conclusion that Hackie is the best thing in it.

I’m sure “Jernigan Pontiac” is good at driving a taxicab (not an easy task, I’m sure), but I think he is also a great writer. His dialogue and keen insights make the characters come alive. I could go on, but enough gushing!

As a pastor who writes columns for the church newsletter and preaches sermons every Sunday, I know how much effort it takes to write in an engaging and entertaining way. Hackie does it so well!

Rev. Patrice H. Goodwin


Puzzled by Pizza Story

There were some very strange reviews in “Against the Grain” [November 30]. Junior’s is soggy and not tasty at all. Upper Crust in Essex is great! The crust is thin and a little crispy and very tasty. I don’t know what was being talked about in terms of the sauce tasting weird. Maybe it’s the distance from NYC and good pizza, but having grown up in that area, I was really confused by the reviews.

Kelly Gardner


Ashe Can Lead

[Re Fair Game, “Was Ashe Aware? Did Miro Know?” November 30]: On November 13, I nominated Tim Ashe to be the next Democratic mayor of Burlington. As I said then, Burlington is obviously at a crossroads in respect to the challenges ahead, and we’re very much a town in need of someone able to harness the many factions and spirit of this place. Whether it’s Burlington Telecom or the airport garage, leadership — and the politics that go with it — has been a mess in this town.

Having someone who’s capable of managing the politics of this city will be as important as navigating the immense financial challenges ahead. With his knowledge of city and state government and his proven ability to get votes in every part of this town, I believe Tim is that person. His seasoning in the Vermont Senate among some of the savviest political players around, including our current governor, will only serve us better in getting the city back on track. That, and his background as a councilor and work on affordable housing clearly gives him the most comprehensive skills to keep the city of Burlington the coolest place around…

As a lifelong Burlington resident and the former co-owner of the Oasis Diner, which served as a hub for great political theater here in the Queen City for more than 50 years, I know that all the things that keep this place vibrant, successful, entrepreneurial and fun will be embraced and exemplified in Tim’s vision for the city. I hope others think so, too.

David Lines


Water Park Wastes Energy

It was with outrage that I read the article in Seven Days about Jay Peak’s new water park [“Just Chute Me,” November 23]. Temperatures in the 80s in mid-winter and a roof they can pull back so you can get a tan. I think my temperature almost hit the boiling point by the time I finished reading. All I could think was: For this we are destroying the Lowell Mountains?! So our “green” energy can be used for what?!

All the 350.org demonstrations, all the speaking out about fracking and tar-sand extraction and pipelines, coal mining and coal plants, all those protests at Vermont Yankee, all the light bulbs we have changed — all that means absolutely nothing if we humans can not stop inventing amazing new ways to waste energy. Every time we turn on a light, walk into a store to buy something, throw away something we don’t need anymore, we need to stop and think hard about the energy used. Where did it come from? Even all the green energy in the world has side effects, from blasting off our ridgetops for a wind farm, to the finite precious metals used in photovoltaic panels.

All the PR about “green” wind farms powering Vermont homes is propaganda. It goes into the grid pool and is shipped anywhere it is needed, including places like a water park.

It is time to stop putting a “green” smiley face on wasteful, frivolous use of electricity.

Annie Gaillard



Last week’s Fair Game column mischaracterized a vote taken by Burlington mayoral candidate Miro Weinberger while a member of the Burlington Airport Commission. Weinberger voted in favor of issuing bonds to build what became a $14.5 million airport parking garage — a plan that unraveled over time and was financed, in part, through the city’s cash pool. After the airport’s bond rating was downgraded, the commission continued to support the plan, despite reservations, though it took no formal vote.