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November 5, 2008


Published November 5, 2008 at 6:31 a.m.


I’m an avid reader of “Hackie” and have been for years. Only now I have to do it online since I no longer live in the state.

I just wanted to say that “Fall Feels Like Freedom” [October 29] brought back so many memories of Vermont in the way everything was described (aside from the jail thing). You make me want to move back!

Matt Merrifield



This is the best outside-of-Middlebury review of Quidditch I’ve seen [“Stuck in Vermont,” October 29]. You really got it, Eva! Thanks!

Ruthie Reinken



Hallelujah! Finally, those ridiculously inane and, yes, outright dangerous “Leaf People” have perhaps (please, please, please, God) seen their final days [“State of the Arts,” October 29].

I live in Shelburne and contrary to what the folks cited in your article profess, I have yet to speak to a single person in 10 years who shares their enthusiasm. In fact, I was recently at the farmers’ market when a young woman threatened that she and some of her friends were going on a midnight raid to eradicate the obnoxious effigies. The hue and cry that ensued in support was unanimous among the 50 or so people within earshot, with me as her most strident advocate.

The Leaf People are truly dangerous. I have been startled by one or another of them “standing” by the side of the road on a dark night. Not only are they a distraction, but the shabby, dilapidated, unkempt appearance of them only serves to make the whole lovely village of Shelburne feel depressed and dilapidated as well.

I was never so happy as when I noticed they were gone. Yeah! And I hope they stay gone forever.

Lorraine Shreve



I have followed Alice Levitt’s updates on Karl Lagerfeld’s purchase of a home in Grand Isle and a fashion shoot taking place there. Please tell us more. It’s quite exciting to have a fashion guru come to Vermont, of all places, where haute couture runs more along the lines of L.L.Bean.

Lynn Barclay



Owen Mulligan criticizes the public outcry against Burton Snowboards [Letters, October 29], stating that his only complaint is that Burton did not release a series of boards with Playgirl models.

Owen, that’s the point! You just strengthened the argument of those speaking out against Burton.

Jeffrey Nowlan



Shay Totten stated that the Douglas administration gave $150,000 to software companies [“Fair Game,” October 29].

I think Gov. Douglas’ announcement at Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center was that grants would be available to young entrepreneurs who want to start software businesses. Encouraging young people with innovative business ideas sounds to me like a healthy thing for the Vermont economy. I don’t have all the details, but you may want to get a few more facts on that announcement.

Greg Brand


Greg Brand is co-chair of the Vermont Software Developers’ Alliance board of directors.


This note is directed toward Amy Lilly and her article “Room with a View” [October 8].

It is painfully obvious that you have taken all of your information secondhand. The only individuals who are happy with your article are the Senftlebers. The Stone Hut has 100 percent booking for a reason; your article will no doubt increase the competition for a Vermont gem that was doing fine without you!

Everyone who has been there and desperately hopes that they get their coveted nights in the Hut despises you. I can list 12 in my group alone!

You have created a Wal-Mart article that will increase competition for cheap goods at the expense of those who truly understand.

Bad karma to you!

Sam Carpenter