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Letters to the Editor

August 13, 2008


Published August 13, 2008 at 6:11 a.m.


Kieran Michael Lalor has his history wrong when he says, "This is the first time in American history that veterans of a conflict have run for office while that conflict is going on and the outcome is in doubt" [Local Matters, July 30].

In 1864, General George McClellan was the Democratic candidate for president. While the outcome was not much in doubt by Election Day, it was certainly in doubt when the campaign began.

Jeffrey E. Salzberg



This is in regard to your story "Burlington's Light-Works Lays Film Processing to Rest" [State of the Arts, August 6].

What a frustrating piece! Those of us who remain committed to high-quality chromes (analog slides) and enjoyed the local speedy service of Light-Works will have to ship our films to one of the few remaining national labs. There is simply no (affordable) projected digital image that can compete in quality and brilliance with a medium format color slide projected with a good (Leitz or Rollei) slide projector.

Color slide projection as an art form needs to be re-discovered in the U.S., as it has been in Europe during the last two decades. And, I hope, analog film availability and processing will not completely go under for those of us who feel they don't want to sit even more at computers to do the finishing part of their hobby, when they already have to use computers for much of their work.

Jan Decher



A delightfully corporate response ["Pine Ridge Responds," August 6]. I'm afraid this doesn't ease my concerns regarding the use of the phrase "FLK" (Funny Looking Kids) in any context at all.

Pat Young



I was totally perplexed by Shay Totten's column [Fair Game, July 9]. The Intervale is the best thing about Burlington. Why does the state want to destroy it?

Something must be going on behind the scenes. Are there plans underway to cover the place over with concrete? "Intervale Condos: Luxury Living by the River. Plenty of parking and your own neighborhood shopping center!" Now that would be a wet dream for Vermont developers.

Why is the political talk of penalties and negotiations rather than massive public protest?

Hello out there! Sorry to disturb you, but our city is being destroyed!

L.M. Holmes



Suzanne Podhaizer's review of "Mexican" food joints in Burlington does a disservice to true Mexican food and culture [Taste Test, July 23].

You wrote: "In the Burlington area, we don't lack for Mexican-flavored joints." As a Mexican from California, I'd say this statement is a fiction. Truth be told, real Mexican food has a much richer flavor than any of what's served in town, and a real Mexican restaurant is full of life - mariachi music, the wafting smell of fresh beans, meats and chilies.

Honestly, you're misleading people by referring to the local fare as Mexican. Call it "New England Mex" or "Green Mountain Mex" or some other name because what's being served here is not authentic Mexican food. Seriously, Boloco has things like "Chinese Chicken Salad" and "Buffalo Chicken" burritos on its menu. Come on. Mexican?

"No hay me gusta!"

Ben Luna