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March 26, 2008


Published March 26, 2008 at 4:00 a.m.


I just wanted to give a quick addition to the interesting article regarding the use of acupuncture to treat post-traumatic stress disorder by Sarah Tuff ["Sticking It to PTSD," March 12].

The potential for acupuncture to alleviate symptoms of PTSD sounds promising indeed. It is important for Jeff, the vet in Montpelier, and anyone else suffering from PTSD, to also know about EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). EMDR is proving to be one of the most effective and efficient treatments for PTSD. A simple Google search will lead you to tons of information about it, and, as an aside, I have received training in it as well. Hope this extra info helps.

Christopher J. Steller, LICSW



Daniel Antonovich's project to withdraw 432,000 gallons of groundwater per day (300 gallons of water per minute) from Montpelier Springs and pipe it down Brazier Road to a proposed bottling plant at Gallison Hill Road Industrial Park for bottling and shipment elsewhere has alarmed and upset my neighbors ["Groundwater Rising," February 27].

On Town Meeting Day, East Montpelier's citizens put in place a three-year, three-week moratorium on any further development of this project. This allows sufficient time for further study of this project and its potential impact on our water supply and our community. But, it can't do any more than that. Because of the large, lucrative market for bottled spring water that has developed in recent years, these bottling plants will be built here in Vermont to bottle up our groundwater and sell it elsewhere for profit.

Vermonters should contact their state senators and representatives and strongly urge them to enact into law during the current legislative session Senate Bill S.304, "An Act Relating To A Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Program." Vermont's towns are vulnerable to groundwater depletion and are like "sitting ducks" until the state establishes an effective program to manage large-scale groundwater withdrawals.

Richard Hoff



After I submitted my previous letter entitled "No Nuclear'" I was contacted to verify my authorship at my daytime phone number: Vermont Natural Resources Council. I explained that I was not writing on behalf of VNRC, that in fact I have been a frequent letter writer since long before I worked there, and that my employment there was irrelevant to my letter. Nevertheless, the paper felt the need to mention my employer.

That was especially ironic, because the whole point of my original letter was that Vermonters concerned about nuclear power can't be pigeonholed into convenient categories such as "hippie." Sadly, Seven Days missed this point and felt the need to pigeonhole me instead into the category of "environmental organization employee." Journalists should be more careful to avoid perpetuating stereotypes.

The fact is that all kinds of people care about the environment, and Seven Days doesn't need to attach me to an environmental organization just because I voice an antinuclear opinion. My role here is as office manager, and I don't set policy for VNRC or speak for them. I speak for myself and others who drink water, breathe air, and depend on the land in Vermont. If you need to put me in a category, or point out my special interest, that is the relevant one.

James Sharp


Editor's Note: In the interest of transparency, Seven Days' policy is to note the affiliations or special interests of our correspondents if they are relevant to the opinions they express in letters to the editor.


Retirement Package

Seven Days readers were hardly speechless at last week's news that political columnist Peter Freyne was ending his long-running "Inside Track." In addition to letters to the editor, more than 50 readers of Peter's blog, Freyne Land, posted comments. Here's a sampling...

Well, it's been fun but good luck with your future ventures. I kind of liked the non-political posts about the 'old days' in Burlington & random photos of street life. Keep riding your bike.


Having been, many years ago, involved in Vermont politics, I do agree that Vermont's political flavor and tone has lost its excitement and retreated into 'caretaker' mode. It has become so boring. Frankly, I blame Jim Douglas for one as perpetuating an state agenda of mediocrity. A person as vibrant as you will wither in such an mist of atrophy. What about a 'Best of Freyyne' book? Help capture what may be remembered as the political golden age. Thank you. See you on the bike path or Church Street.


Having been at the positive and negative end of some of your barbs over the years I can still say definitively I will greatly miss your column. The news as we all know is a spin competition and at best a recitation of the facts. Your column brought perspective, humor and often "the real story". Best of luck in your next thing. Whatever you do head in the direction that brings you joy.


Jeezum, Pete. You've been chumming these waters for so long, this political shark has gotten fat, old and lazy. Where oh where will I swim to next?

Lincoln Steffens

Hmmm . . . no longer a political reporter. I wonder if you'll find that people will avoid you less, or more?!

Best of luck to you. Looking forward to seeing whatever writing comes next.


First Brett Favre and now Peter Freyne!! As a Cheesehead in Vermont I'm completely bereft! That said, I understand completely. I'm sure it's all going to work out for the best for you and I bet for all your readers too. Good luck.


You've given us a wonderful ride down those tracks and showed us views of ourselves otherwise missed. Thank you, and may your next venture bring you to that personal pot of gold.

Elizabeth McCarthy

Best of luck, Peter. May the road rise to meet you and may the wind be always at your back!


Truly the end of an era, Peter. Your column will be sorely missed. I've been enjoying your column since your Vanguard days, through my years working in Vermont politics and government until 2000, and for the past eight years as I moved onto Washington, DC and now Madison, Wisconsin. Best of luck to you!

Liam Goldrick

Now I'm Depressed.

All the best, Peter!

Bob Demers

All the best people you come across are the ones who come in and out of your life first. That bodes true on the blogosphere. Best wishes and take care of yourself.


Best wishes. I am one of many who read you every week and will miss your column, the info, and your take on what is happening. And of course, your wit!

Rich Cassidy

Good luck with your future endeavors Peter. Though I almost never agreed with you, I appreciated the coverage of what was going on in our state, and even your point of view. You will be missed.


It's hard to imagine 7Days without "Inside Track," as no one does it better in VT, but may you "live long and prosper," and I'd add to Spock, "be happy" wherever that may take you . . . your faithful readers look forward to your novel!

Your 5 Sisters neighbor Roger on Caroline

We have enjoyed your insights for over two decades. We will miss our daily and weekly dose of commentary and opinion which has unfailingly been based on sound information. Enjoy your new life, but remember that there are some of us who will miss you.

John & Ginny Burgess

Guess it's time for you to find your light elsewhere, after shining so much of it our way. (Literally, more sun could be useful). Not many could do what you do so well for so long. Wishing you a brighter path... Please keep in touch.

Katrinka in Randolph

I've been suffering withdrawal symptoms the past couple of weeks, and have also been a bit concerned by your extended absence. But it sounds like brighter days are ahead for you, and I wish you well. Thanks much for all the insight and enjoyment you've provided over the years


May you find happiness and joy in life. We have been blessed to have known you and learned so much through your writings. Frankly, I'm relieved in some way to learn of the reason for your departure. I feared a remission and am incredibly relieved to hear you are in good physical health. I'm certain you will find a new niche where your valuable insights will continue to make our lives richer. Godspeed and good wishes!

Cha d' dhùin dorus nach d'fhosgail dorus.


Good for you, Peter, and good luck!

Ruth H.

I saw all those beautiful photos you've been posting in the past year or so, and I knew there was a big shift in progress. May your future work be as important and engaging as your past. You are one of a kind, my friend. Pax vobiscum.

Kitchen Talker

It has been an item of conversation around the office - worrying about what your absence means. I am glad it does not mean health issues, but merely a change of direction.

We become creatures of habit often even when the habits are not as good as they once seemed. I am one of those. But, I stopped doing radio after 17 years to do other things, I stopped doing the Vermont Reggae Festival after 16 years because it was time to move on, and someday I might even step away from my professorship here at UVM (26 years now, and a job secure for life), but who knows. As you remind me, I should decide, not others. Congratulations on making your decision. I know you will enjoy it. But, I will miss you and the nicknames you have given so many Vermont politicians. I hope 7Days continues to have a column like yours, but I am not sure who could write it.

Alfred Snider aka Tuna

Thank you, Peter, for all you've done to enlighten, amuse (and occasionally enrage) all of us who love "Inside Track." For anyone who gets in your way, you can tell them to pog mo thoin. Best to you and your work.


Good luck to you, my friend. Haven't seen you since my old Esox days, but I always kept "Track" of ya. The future? A screenplay? A run for Governor? Whatever you do, forget about being Press Secretary for an elected official. Take care.


Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Peter! There go half my cartoon ideas! I was wondering why there were sounds of scissors dropping and corks popping up on the Pavilion's fifth floor this afternoon. Now it's clear. I will absolutely miss "Inside Track!"

Tim Newcomb

Newcomb's editorial cartoons appear each week in Seven Days.

You will be sorely missed. Godspeed in your new endeavors and know that you have accomplished much in your life (with more to come) and have brought joy to many.

Steve Marshall

Peter, it's been fun. We will miss you, especially this year. Keep in good health.

Ruth and Sid Poger

Mazel Tov, Peter! I will miss your column/blog, but personal life should always take precedence over professional life. I have a little motto that I say to myself regarding work that has become drudgery - "Just because you are good at something doesn't mean it's good for you." I wish I could say I didn't understand (about the depression), but I do, it is indeed utter misery. Hard as it is to believe when you're in it, eventually the cloud lifts and the colors come back into focus. Enjoy the spring colors!


What a Freyne-sized hole this leaves in Vermont journalism! As long as you don't stop writing altogether, you hear?

Bill McKibben

It's been clear for some time that no one in the State of Vermont has the guts to really challenge our elected officials except for Peter Freyne. The governor's press conferences without Peter are a total PR session for the gov. and his administration. Hats off to Peter for making this life move! Who the heck are we going to get to fill those shoes???? Peter is a real hero in Vermont, love him or hate him. Thank you sir!

Peter Joes

Thanks, Peter and good luck with everything. I've always looked forward to your column, a weekly map of VT politics with wonderful humor, wit, insight and style. It was always a pleasure to read, and much appreciated.

And it makes total sense to take a break for other kinds of writing - write on!

Appreciative Burlington Reader

Ahhh Paeter, t'is lovin' ya I am, and t'is missin ya I'll be.

Emmet Helrich

I'm thinking Galway's a good spot.

Diane Derby

Wow . . . I'm glad to hear you are feeling well, and getting stronger. Still . . . very much going to miss your column! Good Luck, Peter.


"We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time." Your ol' pal Mike put it straight. Do whatever the hell makes you happy, my good sir! God bless you!

Haik Bedrosian

I have been reading your column in all the publications since 1981 when I arrived in Vermont. I don't know you personally but I feel like you're an old friend. You've provided years of informative and enjoyable insight into VT politics. Best wishes for a healthy and happy "retirement." Make sure to travel to warmer, sunny locations - it really helps!


I've been checking the blog for the past two weeks, tomorrow being one of them, and was surprised to not see a new post since Town Meeting Day. And another shocker, I find out the news by scanning today's Free Press! :-o! You will be missed, especially during this political season!


ooooooooooooooooohdamn we will soooooooooooo miss you, peter. there is no one to take your place, no other voice to grin and poke gleefully at the little wilderness of vermont politics. i wish you calm and fulfilling adventures, the pleasure of being private in your own skin, and renewed joy in simply breathing.


Thank you so much for your thoughtful and entertaining looks into Vermont politics. No one has done it like you and you'll certainly be missed, but by all means, find happiness if this is not bringing it. Thank you for all you've done for the state. I wouldn't have been half as informed were it not for you.


I'll miss your writing in 7 Days and I'll miss you on "Vermont This Week." I am happy to see you will (perhaps) be keeping up the blog. Write about anything and we'll be happy. It's hard to keep up the good cheer in these trying times and I hope a new direction will mean happier times for you.


Good for you! Politics is a tough road, and these days, both nationally & locally it has become a sad sack of shit. We get the leaders we deserve. Thanks for the years of informative, passionate and humorous commentary. Among your many gifts was the ability to engage without turning bitter. Good luck in every way.

Dan Rosen

Thanks for all you did, and I can totally relate to everything you've expressed. Keep the camera close by - you never know. And yes the politics local and national are extremely old, tiresome and depressing.

Roger Hill

I want to thank you for the hard work you've put in all these years, and cheers to you for trading it in for more happiness. I'm always for more happiness. You deserve a break, and following your health this past year has proven that there's more than just politics that interests your readers.

Roman Vogel

Thanks for your commentary. Take care of yourself. It is time that others pick up where you had led them, and for them to ask those questions that just came easy for you. Best Wishes, Peace.

Robb Kidd

I will miss you, Peter. Your writing always amused and delighted me and I wish you the very best. As the great Bobby McFerrin said, "Don't worry, be happy." Peace and happiness are really what mean the most when you get down to it.

Jordan Davies

Frederick Buechner wrote that true vocation is where our greatest joy meets the world's greatest need.

I'm so grateful, Peter, that for so many years your great joy in writing "Inside Track" filled our great need of someone to help us sort out local politics and to help us laugh at it when needed. I'm sure whatever other tricks you have up your sleeve will be gifts to the world as well. Thank you and bon courage, mon ami.

Liza Earle

Congrats, Peter, for having the courage to let go and move toward more joy-filled adventures. My wise brother calls it "like changing socks." Our hearts and blessing are with you and we'll be delighted when our paths cross again. Have lots of fun!

Linda in the Northeast Kingdom