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January 23, 2008


Published January 23, 2008 at 5:00 a.m.


As one of the organizers of the cat show at the Sheraton, I just wanted to thank Meghan Dewald for the thoughtfully well-done article ["Scene@ Vermont Fancy Felines Cat Show," January 9]. Very nice job!

Mary Phinney



Re: aptronyms ["Name Game," December 19, 2007]. I'd never known the word for this! Very cool. I have been meaning to get my list going for years . . . so here is what I only recently started:

Francine Prose, author of Reading Like a Writer; Norman Jewison, director of Fiddler on the Roof; Jeff Sawyer, local carpenter; Don Water, local plumber; Dr. Choma, surgeon; Rob Naylor, contractor; Dr. Kathleen Weathers, ecologist, Institute for Ecosystem Studies, (empirical modeling of atmospheric deposition in mountainous landscapes and . . . other "cloudwater" research).

Well, that's a start; so many that never got annotated, thus forgotten.

Cordelia Sand



As we enter a new year, I think many of us think of something we would like to see change in this year ["Inside Track," December 26, 2007]. I would like to see health care.

I believe health care is a human right - just as pure water, pure air and unpolluted soil are human rights. I really resent the money I send Blue Cross Blue Shield each month (which I really can't afford) when banks and private insurance companies are making millions - even billions - on health care.

Michael Moore with his movie Sicko has been able to inspire about 45 percent in this country to at least talk about health care and made them aware of the role of insurance companies and how different it is in countries where they play no role.

It is time for a single-payer, federally funded health-care system. A recent national poll indicated 65 percent of Americans support government guaranteeing every citizen health care, even if it meant increased taxes. There is increasing support for the single-payer system, but there is also a large amount of money (in the billions) spent by the health-care industry to discredit it.

Winning this battle for affordable health care for all Americans will not be easy, but I believe we have a chance in 2008 that we never had before, and I have been involved with this for a very long time.

It is time to do what's morally right and fight for a single-payer solution to our health-care crisis.

Marion Leonard



Thanks for the review [Music "Pulse Prophets," January 16]. I thought it was better written than many we have received. You got the band fired up in defense of my songwriting, but I see your point.

The troubles of our world, both environmentally and political, weigh heavy on my heart. I try to write about them very simply so that the lyrics are easy to understand - with a few exceptions. Perhaps there is a more effective way to communicate the depth of what I feel. I appreciate the challenge and will keep trying to write better songs.

Elijah Kraatz



In our article "Sew Cool" [January 9] about The Bobbin Sew Bar and Craft Lounge in Burlington, we erroneously stated that co-owner Rachel Hooper works at the Intervale; in fact, she works on-call at Gardener's Supply.

Also, in the article "Choice, Before and After" [January 16], there were a couple of errors: Emma Ottolenghi has worked in international health care for 20 years, not two; and the Vermont Women's Health Center faced opposition as soon as it opened, not several years afterwards. Our apologies for the goofs.