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Letters to the Editor (9/16/15)

Published September 16, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.
Updated September 16, 2015 at 1:49 p.m.

What About Adjuncts?

Great, evenhanded article about this issue ["Are You My Employer? Labor Dispute Divides Vermont," September 2]. How about a follow-up that asks the same questions about all of the adjunct professors who work for the University of Vermont, Champlain College, Saint Michael's College, Community College of Vermont and other schools across the state?

They live without any certainty of next-term employment and often don't know if they are hired until days before the start of the semester. Their work is more full-time than that of many in the construction industry, yet they receive no benefits from their employers.  

Why isn't the state interested in "protecting" them? Isn't the state "losing millions of dollars of revenues," as Sen. Michael Sirotkin says? Is there a different standard being used here? Why? 

Harry Grabenstein


Worthy Mistress

Thanks to Rick Kisonak for his cool film review of Noah Baumbach's latest film [Movie Review: Mistress America, September 9]! Isn't it great when we look forward to a young filmmaker's next work? So few films are distinctive anymore! Baumbach's The Squid and the Whale and Margot at the Wedding are keepers for sure, and his other films are very quirky and interesting. Not many other new American directors out there are trying to say something. Darren Aronofsky had a nice start with Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan but totally dampened one's hope with the incredibly odd Noah. And Europe seems to be in an even worse situation for young moviemakers with Studio Canal churning out junk. Guess I was spoiled going to the movies in the '60s and '70s. But Baumbach is a glimmer of hope, and thanks to Rick for alerting us to Mistress America — a little gem!

Dave Donohue

South Burlington

Bernie Right on Iran

[Re Off Message: "Sanders' Bid to Be a Conscientious Objector Draws Attention," September 2]: Thank you to Sen. Bernie Sanders for his support of diplomacy in the Iran deal. Congress voted last week to accept a hard-won two-year negotiation among world leaders. Those who financially benefit from war poured thousands of lobby dollars into trying to block it. The deal dramatically shrinks Iran's nuclear program, giving inspectors 24-7 access to their nuclear sites. If Congress had rejected the deal, it would have blocked the inspections, restrictions and verification that keep Iran's nuclear program from escalating. That would have put us at increasing risk of a full-scale war.

Spending our hard-earned tax dollars on funding the last 14 years of war has not accomplished its goal. Giving diplomacy a chance saves lives first and foremost.

Christine Fead

South Burlington

Grace Notes

Very good interview, Dan Bolles, you "perv" ["Nocturnal Omission," September 9]. It's such a good take on who Grace Potter is: whoever she wants to be! She wanted to do a pop album and did it for her own reasons. That is who she is and has always been. I hate the current incarnation, but she needed to do it. I will go to the show because I want to see how it plays live. However, I won't criticize, because this interview really nailed her "motives"! Thanks.

Terry Crandall

Grand Beach, MI

Missing Info

Molly Walsh's brief blog post [Off Message: "Incoming Burlington Schools Chief Yaw Obeng Gets a Visa," August 26] begs questions and answers none:

• Why did Obeng getting a job at University of Vermont secure him a visa?

• Why did school officials fail to realize that they never did their homework on the problem of Obeng getting a visa?

• How did Obeng win this lucky job suddenly at UVM?

• How can Obeng be a full-time superintendent while also working at UVM?  

• Is it not weird that school officials went to UVM to score Obeng a job?

• Is it not his job to do what was necessary to get a visa?

• Should not the public be made aware of this path to him being handed a job at UVM?

Walsh's story did not touch any of these issues.

Daniel Cohen


Foggy Fan

[Re "Gone Fishin': Foggy Goggle Osteria Brings Italian Fare to East Burke," September 9]: I'm from East Burke and have had the pleasure of going to the Foggy Goggle. It's a great restaurant! Food is delicious; atmosphere is perfect! I strongly recommend patrons sit on the gorgeous outdoor patio. On a warm day, it's a real treat! Welcome to the neighborhood, Foggy Goggle!

Alivia Libby


Bernie's Failings

Paul Heintz and Seven Days should be commended for discussing Bernie Sanders' unfortunate propensity to get mean, nasty and short-tempered [Fair Game: "Anger Management," August 26]. As a constituent, I have had my pursuit of well-intended democratic discussion and dialogue insulted by his rude and impatient demeanor.

I have no problem with a politician who fights for people, and I am glad that Bernie is in the race. But when I congratulated him in the streets of Burlington shortly after he made his waterfront speech, his smiles turned to anger and annoyance because I warned him that "ISIS is CIA," supported by President Barack Obama through the Saudis and Turks, and that we need to challenge Obama's drive to World War III against Russia. Ironic that he won't get mad at Hillary Clinton for her support of this evil. His reactions reminded me of when he got so annoyed that we Vermonters would want him to impeach Bush. Why was Bernie protecting Bush?

Now that Bernie has said that he will continue the Drone Assassination Program of Bush and Obama, I realize that Bernie is actually insane. No wonder he had peace advocates, many of whom he personally knew, arrested when they protested Bernie's support of the bombing in Kosovo. No wonder Bernie was absolutely callous to constituents who ask more from him, a progressive Jew, in reaction to the war crimes Israel/America commit against Palestinians and peace in the entire region.

Bruce Marshall