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Letters to the Editor (4/2/14)

Published April 2, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

Special Treatment?

I read the article about the lesbian couple suing the town of Addison ["Two Against a Town," March 19]. I read the article a few times to make sure it was written in an unbiased form. It appeared to be just that — unbiased. In my humble opinion, hoping these two don't want to now sue me, as they seem hell-bent on doing so to everybody and everything, I figure if they looked in the mirror they would find the problem in this whole mess. Though they claim to be lesbian, I think, in the mirror, they just might see two dicks. So many people, like myself, who have no problem with gender identification or gender choice, do get sick of those who expect — no, demand — to be treated special. If something doesn't go their way, they immediately jump on the sexual discrimination bandwagon. It doesn't work that way, and it certainly solves nothing. The problem sure looks like it's them, no matter what their sexual preferences are.

Thomas Pray

Peru, N.Y.

Ad Is Appalling

Brian King's letter referring to Seven Days as the "Fag Rag" [March 12] was so dim-witted that all I could do was laugh. He doesn't like the personals, but I bet he likes the American Apparel ads that we are all blatantly confronted with every week. Nice, big, full-page ads that are impossible not to see! All those young, sexy, teenage girls, half-clothed and doing things like licking ice cream cones when they'd really like to be licking ... well, you know. Every week I see those ads and I wonder what in the world the employees at Seven Days, particularly the women, are thinking. Such blatant sexism on the back page of your paper! It's hateful, degrading, humiliating, hurtful and scary, and it breaks my heart. Don't we all have to deal with this kind of sexism enough in our lives? Aren't you women tired of it? I am outraged at Seven Days for pretending to be a progressive news source. Don't be hypocrites. Pull it together and stop placing American Apparel ads.

Docia Proctor


Bridge Loan to Nowhere?

[Re Off Message: "Council Chooses Lender for Burlington Telecom Settlement," March 27]: Will this Burlington Telecom boondoggle ever end, and why is Mayor Miro Weinberger working against the lawsuit to get taxpayers back the $17 million illegally taken from us? It's now up to Judge Toor to do what no one else has done so far. I hope she sides with the defenseless taxpayers, not those who broke the law and tried to hide it. In addition, what is the mayor not telling us about the bridge financing deal, since he found it necessary to hide behind closed doors to discuss it?

When they originally asked voters to support the formation of Burlington Telecom, most thought it was a good idea, as supposedly there would be no financial risk. What if the ballot question had read, "Do you support forming a city telecom company knowing in a few years we will secretly be taking $17 million of your tax dollars and doing our best to hide it from you? This will result in a bad credit rating and cost the city more to borrow, plus require a stability bond and tax increases. Further, we will have to go back on our word to you and ask the state to let us out of commitment to provide service to the whole city and ask that we be allowed to use tax dollars and other city resources to fund the company." How many people would have voted for that proposal? Not very many, which is probably why Mayor Weinberger and the council have so much trouble being open and honest.

Michael F. McGarghan Jr.


McGarghan is a former member of the Burlington Telecom Community Advisory Council.

Health Care Farce

Paul Heintz's financial update of Vermont's advance toward a humane and rational health care system in Vermont [Fair Game, February 26] had the focus of a drunkard on his next bottle. Had he viewed the scene more broadly, he would have seen it as farce.

• Spokeswoman Darcie Johnston of Vermonters for Morbidity and Mortality Freedom darkly inveighs against "big, out-of-state" union funding while she sits on her own list of dark money mega-donors.

• Fearing that she will make their policyholders angry — not at her but at an industry that excludes their pre-existing conditions, rescinds and denies payments whenever possible, dictates treatments to providers, and sheds the sickest policyholders in the name of profit — Rep. Janet Ancel kills the notion of a tax increase.  

• Gov. Shumlin at the age of 6 sent to bed without supper for asking, "Can't progressive taxation be a good thing?"

• The Democratic and Progressive legislators check their spines with the sergeant at arms as they leave for home to tell the voters, "Yeah, health care for people who need it was a stupid idea; we didn't know what we were thinking. You don't deserve it, and we're voting for the Republican plan."

• The Vermont Republican party's freshly picked candidates, well-spoken, personable and poised to replace their now-spineless opponents, craft a one-size-fits-all plan for the 78 percent of voters who want health care for everybody: True to the national party's spirit, the plan consists of one word: "No."

Chuck Gregory


Green Protest

[Re "How Much 'Green' Does Green Up Day Require?" March 12]: While I was shocked to learn that corporate donors to Green Up Day in Vermont have pulled their financial support of this annual effort, I was appalled to read the names of the three companies referred to in the article: Seventh Generation, Ben & Jerry's and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Each of these companies was started here, grew here and, I am sure, touted Vermont's quality of life as a selling point when recruiting employees. A huge part of that quality of life is because of Green Up Day. Shame on you! I would love to see a list of companies that currently contribute to Green Up Day. I'll need some alternatives when shopping for ice cream, coffee and cleaning products.

Susan Scott