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Letters to the Editor (10/21/15)

Published October 21, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.
Updated October 21, 2015 at 4:05 p.m.

Twisted 'Tradition'

[Re Poli Psy: "Between Consent and Coercion," October 7]: Columnist Judith Levine never once got to the heart of the issue at St. Paul's School: its tacit, if not explicit, consent to its male seniors — who, at 18, are young men but not boys — to compete to "score" with girls who are not 18-year-old seniors. This is the "tradition" at one of the wealthiest East Coast boarding schools? Who's kidding whom about the quality of the education in this institution?

If high school boys and girls are to become emotionally intelligent and skilled at interpersonal communication, able to know their sexual and personal needs and desires, then we need to address the culture that serves to keep young people in thrall to patriarchy. St. Paul, as I recall, really missed the mark on women's worth and roles in the world. It's time for this elite Concord, N.H., prep school to find a new identity and ditch its patriarchal heritage.

Levine owes it to herself, and to readers, to challenge the status quo — the society that sets up adolescents, male and female, for harm.

Beth Champagne

St. Johnsbury

Flag is Treasonous

Regarding the recent controversy over the Confederate flag [Off Message: "Confederate Flag Riles Some City of Burlington Employees," September 23] and those letters to the editor [Feedback: "Intentional Error?" October 7; "'Rebel' Vermonter" and "'Yankees and Rebels,'" September 30.], I am always amazed at the brazen attempt to sugarcoat treason against the United States as part of the "southern heritage."

Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution stated in 1861, and still states today: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

One cannot claim to be an American patriot and commit treason against the United States. Plain and simple!

Hal Cohen

East Middlebury

South End Issues

[Re "South End Artists Hope to Stall the Champlain Parkway," September 23]: The South End artists who oppose the building of the Champlain Parkway seem to be conflating their legitimate concerns about being priced out of their studios because of planned gentrification with concerns about the building of the Champlain Parkway. The new street is needed because presently, and for far too many years, the South End has borne the burden of commercial traffic roaring through its residential streets. These neighborhood streets will be safer for everyone, and the community more livable for residents, once the new street is built. Let's treat the matter of preserving art spaces as the separate issue that it is.

Anne Damrosch


Questionable Priorities

Dumping more traffic onto an already crowded Pine Street and calling it an "improvement" is insane ["South End Artists Hope to Stall the Champlain Parkway," September 23]. I invite any of the proponents of this project to try and drive north on Pine starting at Flynn Avenue any time after 8 a.m. on a weekday. It's already a virtual parking lot.

Spending tax-increment financing money to "improve" the utilities north of the Moran Plant has set up the North 40 as a target for more development. The money would have been better spent to design and implement a decent parking option in the vicinity of Home Avenue, thereby providing a reasonable way to get commuters into the city without driving.

Robert Resnik


Lie versus Lay

I can count on the Burlington Free Press to prove they don't have a proofreader, but I was quite surprised to see a mistake on one of your pages ["Magnificent Seven," October 7]. I believe it should be "jack-o'-lanterns lie in wait." I can't make it past tense. I tried. I still prefer your newspaper!

Nancy Tracy

South Burlington

Editor's note: Nancy is right; the pumpkins should lie in wait. And the Bob Dylan song should be "Lie, Lady, Lie." Don't get us started on past tense or participles...

Ice Breaker

[Re "Lofty Pursuits," October 7]: Just wanted to let you know there are snow-kite lessons available in Vermont. Hardwater Kiting has been offering professional snow-kite instruction in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine for almost four years. We specialize in snow-kite-only instruction. We are trained, certified and fully insured by the International Kiteboarding Organization. We are also the largest snow-kite dealer in the Northeast and carry the top three brands: Ozone, HQ and Flysurfer. FYI: The entry-level gear cost for getting into snow kiting is lower than stated in the article. For example, you can get into a brand-new touring kite and harness package for less than $900.

Chris Krug

North Conway, N.H.

Sick of Status Quo

[Re Off Message: "Lawmakers Put Paid Sick Leave Atop 2016 Agenda," August 27]: I'm writing to express my support for the Healthy Workplace Bill — and to ask that the Senate pass it into law when they return to Montpelier this January. I do not get paid sick days where I work, and I have had to go in to work sick because I can't afford to miss a day. Having paid sick days would alleviate so much stress. I wouldn't have to worry about taking a day off because of money, and I would feel as though I could really be there for my son. I am in full support of the Healthy Workplace Bill. I urge all the Chittenden County senators to please support it, as well.

Paul Israel


Bernie Won!

I'm glad to see I was not the only one who thought Bernie won [Off Message; "Bernie Bits: Did Sanders Really Lose the Democratic Debate?" October 14]. He did seem at times to be more distracted than usual, but that's not surprising. I think he accomplished two things helpful to his campaign. No. 1. His kindness to Hillary on the email issue certainly ingratiated voters who have been leaning toward her but have not yet decided. No. 2. Although I personally wish he had a stronger record on gun control, the fact is that he is closer to mainstream America — including mainstream Democrats — on that issue. This will really help him, in, say, the South Carolina primary.

Steve Carlson