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Published October 5, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.
Updated October 6, 2016 at 4:58 p.m.

Dump Trump

[Re Fair Game: "GOP Flop," August 31]: Adolf Hitler consciously utilized theatrical tricks and stagecraft to mesmerize the masses. Sound familiar?

The corporate media grades Donald Trump on a curve — just for reading off a teleprompter. He has had six bankruptcies; therefore, no bank will give him loans. Desperate for money, he cozies up to unsavory characters for capital.

He spends a significant portion of his campaign funds on hats, marketing his favorite subject: himself. He is banking on his base to follow him, postulating that they would stay with him if he shot someone. Since his supporters already exhibit confirmation bias, he is probably correct. With Roger Ailes advising him and out of work, they have the perfect storm for the creation of a network.

Elizabeth Warren called Trump a "thin-skinned, money-grubbing, racist bully." I would add that he is a dangerous narcissist, if not worse. I imagine that when he hears others labeling him as a demagogue, he hears demigod!

I am glad that Jim Jeffords is not here to witness this. If Vermont candidates and GOP leaders don't come out and strongly denounce a man who insults the president and displays an ardent bromance with the oligarch Vladimir Putin, while defaming our generals and Gold Star families, then they are doomed to stand with him through history — with much to explain. I invite you to look at postwar Germany for the analogy. Hopefully history will not repeat itself — is that not why we study history?

Donna Constantineau


Zoning Out

I'm glad it's going to a vote [Off Message: "Higher Purpose? Council Approves Zoning Change, Sends It to Voters," September 29]. But the two issues should be separate. There should be two votes. One for the zoning change, and one for whether this proposed development is acceptable or not. Unfortunately, the two issues are now confused because of this exception. This proposal needs to be cut down in size or substantially revised. Frankly, from the artistic renderings, this is potentially one of the ugliest buildings ever. It could be a giant carbuncle overshadowing the pretty architecture and businesses of downtown Burlington. Once it is there, it will be very difficult to get rid of it, so better to change course before the ship hits the rocks.

David Ian Lightbody

South Burlington

Nobody's Business

[Re Off Message: "After Scott Pledges to Sell Construction Business, Minter Moves the Goal Posts," September 29; Off Message: "After Criticism, Scott Says He'll Sell Business if Elected Governor," September 24]: I think it's interesting that a business owner can't continue his business after getting elected. However, all the lawyers who get elected enhance their value tremendously, and nobody ever questions whether that's ethically correct or not.

The goal should not be that a common man or business owner cannot become an elected official, but that lifetime public officials are not necessarily a good thing.

Pete Fjeld


Rx for Dean

[Off Message: "Dean Doubles Down on Trump Cocaine Comment," September 27]: Dean should stick to, "Jim, I'm a simple country doctor; I'm not a politician, pundit or an internet troll." Veddy interesting, but shtoopid!

Bob Russell

Marshfield, MA

Which Howard?

[Off Message: "Dean Doubles Down on Trump Cocaine Comment," September 27]: Talk about Jekyll and Hyde. This man has been confusing me for years. On the one hand, we have Vermont Howard who worked pretty well in a bipartisan way as governor and still gives fairly commonsensical opinions occasionally on VTDigger. On the other hand, we have national Howard who will say anything, unfiltered to further a partisan agenda a la Debbie Wasserman Shultz. What's up with that?!

Mary Hanson

White River Junction

Don't Dis Dave

The article about our lieutenant governor candidates was remarkably full of fluff and cuteness [Fair Game: "The Odd Couple," September 21]. To categorize Sen. Dave Zuckerman as some out-of-touch hippie who never saw a liberal cause he didn't like miscategorizes one of the most hardworking people we've had in the legislature for the last two decades.

Most of the work he has done in the House and then Senate was as a result of determining what Vermonters want and working toward that end. He has been chair of the House Agriculture Committee, working across the three parties to accomplish goals shared by all. He is the only candidate for office this year who is working a successful farm while running for office.

Zuckerman promotes causes because they are correct, not because they are liberal. As Bernie showed us, the majority of Americans support a living wage. A majority also wants labels on genetically modified food. The climate is changing, and it's urgent. These causes may sound leftist to some, but when 60 to 90 percent of the populace agrees with them, they are mainstream, even if not recognized by the mainstream media.

I thought you could do better than this, Seven Days. A comment about his ponytail? Really? As you say, the person who holds this position is a heartbeat away from the top spot. Shouldn't we vote for someone who has shown the capacity to work hard and strives to know what Vermonters want, rather than imposing his own view? That person is Zuckerman.

Barbara Alsop


Rutland Needs

[Re Off Message: "Feds Approve Syrian Refugee Resettlement in Rutland," September 28]: I can't believe that Rutland officials are more concerned about taking in the refugees than they are about fixing issues our current residents are dealing with: elderly, vets, individuals who can't afford housing and are homeless or living in a motel — with children — with aid from the state. The only real jobs available in our area are low-wage or part-time. All who are tickled about the refugees need to take them into their homes and support them. Our Vermont residents should be taken care of first!

Linda Soulia-Smith