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Jumpin' Out of Airplanes, No Big Deal.

Published October 2, 2008 at 12:04 p.m.

October in Vermont = best time of the year. Not only is the birthday I share with Eminem just around the corner, but autumn is also whenthe Green Mountain State truly shines. Suddenly, the radiant foliageemerges, creating majestic landscapes that, as a friend of mine onceobserved, even the most eloquent person is reduced to"Wow, that is so pretty. I am happy."

Even though traffic becomesslightly congested with leaf-peeping caravans, the unbearable summerhumidity finally transforms into crisp hair-tinglingbreezes. This is the time, my friends, to truly carpe diem and takeadvantage of all Vermont has to offer. During the next four weeks, I will promote various opportunities to help turn your life into a feel-good-movie-montage.

Opportunity #1: Jump out of a plane.

On Tim McGraw's countrysmash hit "Live Like You Were Dying" — don't judge me — he lists skydivingas his first step to, well, live like he was dying. Agreed, Tim,agreed.

My freshman year, I, along with nine friends — the more people,the bigger the discounts — ventured to West Addison, VT for an afternoonof death-defying fun (just look at that sheer ferocity, or fear, as a I tie my shoes before heading up). Vermont Skydiving Adventures (VSA), owned by Ole Thomson,who has more than 8,500 jumps under his belt, is located approximatelyan hour from Burlington and provides stunning views of the Adirondacks,Greens and, if you're lucky, "Champ" the monster.

VSA offers a varietyof services, ranging from a first-time tandem to cheaper jumps for allyou experienced divers. While the prices can burn a minor hole in yourpocket, the feeling of falling out of a moving vehicle at 12,000 feettruly justifies it. Check out their website at http://www.vtskydiving.comfor more information, and start making a killer Fall 2008 mix — TomPetty's "Free Fallin'" and "Learning to Fly" are good starters.

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