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Julia Pavone

When: Through June 18

“Through the years, I have come to find many people are not comfortable with paintings which contain no recognizable images and will often try to discover or imagine some known forms,” Julia Pavone writes in an artist statement, “which is just fine.” A cofounder of the Chelsea Arts Collective and a former art professor and gallerist, the painter has mounted an exhibit titled simply “Abstractions” at the Tunbridge Public Library. Pavone works in oil, acrylic and encaustic to create her color-saturated, highly gestural canvases. But they are not always devoid of representation. A horizon line is evident here, a tree there, and her mixed-media pieces incorporate found items. In addition, Pavone produces a totally different line of work: folk art painted on canvas and on objects such as door frames and boxes. Her Tunbridge exhibition focuses on oil paintings that ostensibly aren’t “about” anything. But, Pavone writes, “I think it’s important to understand that Abstract Expressionist painting is not an art about nothing. It’s about the most basic fiber of the human condition … love, hate, joy, desire, sorrow, passion, fear, yearning, anger, elation.” Pavone asks viewers to “reach deep inside” to find their own emotional reactions to the visual image.