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Jon Stewart Most Trusted? Not in Vermont


Published July 23, 2009 at 6:07 a.m.

With Walter Cronkite dead, an online poll conducted by TIME aimed to find out who is the most trusted newscaster in America.

The answer? The Daily Show's anchor Jon Stewart.

No foolin'.

Stewart received 44 percent of the 9400 votes cast. Coming in second with 29 percent was NBC's Brian Williams, followed by ABC's Charlie Gibson (29 percent) and CBS' Katie Couric (7 percent).

According to TIME's state-by-state breakdown Stewart won or came in second in every state ... except Vermont.

Go figure.

In Vermont, Williams received 50 percent of the tally, Gibson 28 percent, Stewart 17 percent and Couric 6 percent.

Must be Vermonters are keeping their TVs tuned to WPTZ NewsChannel 5 so they can get to bed early, rather than stay up for the Daily Show's 11 p.m. "newscast".

Along with Vermont, Williams won Arizona, Deleware, Florida, Indiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina and Wyoming. He and Stewart tied in Kentucky and Alaska. Gibson won Tennessee and Montana, while Couric won just one state — Iowa.