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I'm a Thirtysomething Woman Turned on by Virgin Guys


Dear Athena,

I'm at a bit of a loss. I'm a healthy, attractive woman in my mid-thirties, but I have a total fetish for younger, inexperienced guys in their early twenties. Taking a guy's virginity is the biggest turn-on I can imagine. But I have no idea how to go about finding younger, inexperienced men, since they're usually shy, quiet, unassuming types who aren't out seeking attention. Where can a girl go to find a sweet young thing who needs a little confidence builder?

Older Seeking Younger

Dear Older,

Younger and less experienced, you say? Hmm ... Here's a question: Are you looking for a boyfriend or a boy toy? The distinction is important. I'm all for being with someone younger, but finding a partner to share a happy and healthy relationship is challenging enough without a big age gap. Think about where you were in your early twenties and compare it to who you are now. Compatibility with someone in a very different stage of life than you is a lot harder to achieve.

But if you're just looking for some fun, here are a few ideas. First, do you have any younger single gal pals with whom you could tag along on their nights out? If not, it's time to make some. If you befriend some younger, single women who like to go out, chances are you'll run into some younger men. You may have to dig around for the inexperienced ones, but I'm sure they're out there and would no doubt be eager to attain some of the sexual savvy you're excited to share.

This comes with a warning, however. You may find yourself at a house party with some of these new friends and meet all sorts of available young guys, but be mindful of their even younger friends. They could be too young. I'm talking about the sneaking-out-of-my-parents'-house-and-going-to-my-older-brother's-college-party-on-a-school-night kind of young. In other words: still in high school. You know what I'm saying? Not that you should go around asking for IDs, but be careful. Sex with a minor is not only illegal; it's not cool.

Here's another idea: If you're seeking a purely sexual rendezvous, why not take out a personal ad and specify exactly what you want? It can be liberating to put yourself out there in a direct yet anonymous way. Who knows? Some shy, insecure guys might be looking for someone just like you to show them the ropes. And news flash: Not all of them are necessarily young.

Regardless of age or experience, invite your next partner into your fantasy you so can both enjoy it. If he's up for it, entice him to play the part of virginal pupil and see if you don't enjoy the same benefits you have with a young, innocent guy. If he's really into it, you can play the role of sexy teacher as often as you please!


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