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Hot for Doctor

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Published May 8, 2013 at 11:50 a.m.

Dear Mistress,

I’m really drawn to someone I shouldn’t be. He has a family, and I’m not a homewrecker. That said, I can’t seem to control or ignore the way I feel. He is in the medical profession, and I am one of his patients. He has to touch me a lot and be really close to me. I find that I’m really attracted to him and can’t stop thinking about him after I leave his office. He’s never done anything inappropriate; I don’t think he even realizes how I feel. I just wonder how often this happens to people and what I should do. I was thinking of ending treatment. Or should I ask him not to stand so close to me? I think it might sound a little silly.


Playing Doctor

Dear Playing Doctor,

It’s not abnormal to develop an attraction to your health care provider. After all, he’s paying attention to you and taking care of your needs — both things you might seek out in a partner. That said, it sounds like your feelings have gone a little too far. While it’s OK to harbor an innocent crush, you’re becoming a little too wrapped up in the matter. Your medical provider has a family and has never shown any interest in pursuing a relationship with you, so it’s time to reel in your emotions before you do something stupid — such as asking him not to stand so close to you. Awkward!

I strongly urge you to keep your feelings to yourself. Like relationships between teachers and students, or bosses and employees, relationships between providers and patients are highly inappropriate. Though it might be hot to fantasize about, your relationship with him should remain strictly professional. Even if you did decide to disclose your feelings to him, he’d have no choice but to rebuke your advances — anything less could result in a botched career.

If you truly cannot control yourself, it might be time to pick another provider — preferably one who doesn’t make you want to play doctor.

Open up and say, “Ahh,”


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