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Help Make Jelly Bean History!


Published August 27, 2008 at 4:38 p.m.

The Jelly Belly company is currently holding a contest to select the taste of their next jelly bean. I've always been intrigued by JBs larger than life flavors, many of which taste like pieces of fruit on steroids. Ever tried the juicy pear? That's what I mean.

And I enjoy the weird stuff they come up with for novelties, such as candies made to taste like baby wipes, toothpaste and pencil shavings. Who thinks this stuff up? 

The ones currently in the running are of the more normal, yet still creative, variety. They are:

~ Sublime Chili Lime
~ Honey
~ Thai Iced Tea
~ Mojito
~ Acai Berry

You can vote here

While you're on the website, you won't want to miss their art gallery. It features pictures, mainly of famous people, made out guessed it...jelly beans.

I like the sweet American Gothic, but was also quite impressed by portraits of famous folk such as young Queen Elizabeth II and Elvis. My only gripe -- they should have made Elvis with peanut butter and banana-flavored Jelly Belly beans. The portrait of Reagan seems like a fitting tribute, since it's rumored that he kept a jar of JB beans in the Oval Office.

I once made a paramecium out of frosting, licorice whips and other candies for a seventh grade science project, but it wasn't nearly as accomplished.