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Published April 26, 2006 at 4:00 a.m.

Senior citizen

Alone in the laundromat

Clutching five clean shirts.

I paid fifty cents

For this scarf that I have on --

I'm a cheap floozy.

They've cloned my kitten,

But now I can't afford him;

I wish we were dead.

My new pink nightgown

Has black buttons down the front,

Like bad directions.

Turn the TV off --

Notice the world around you.

Quick, turn it back on.

At Greer's laundromat,

Voices drowned out by machines --

Is this prophetic?

How I long to smoke --

What on earth is stopping me?

Not a goddamned thing.

When you live alone,

Fine dining is eating meals

Right out of the pan.

In a low-down mood,

I stare at the kitchen floor.

A black bug crawls by.

I just felt chest pain.

If you are reading this now,

Say goodbye for me.