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Glenn Beck Hates Mother's Day...But LOVES Vermont Teddy Bear Company


Published May 5, 2010 at 3:11 p.m.

Pointing out moronic remarks spewed from the mouth of Glenn Beck isn't like shooting fish in a barrel. It's easier. At least when you shoot fish in a barrel, you need to know how to fire a gun without blowing off your own foot, something Beck hasn't figured out yet.

This week's case in point comes courtesy of Media Matters for America, a left-leaning nonprofit group that monitors right-wing news sources for fibs, falsehoods and unadulterated bullshit: In the midst of reading an on-the-air Mother's Day ad for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, which has sponsored Beck's radio program for the last year or so, Beck unleashed a tirade against Woodrow Wilson for starting Mother's Day, a holiday he calls "a big-business scam."

(Pictured: VTBC's Mother's Day Bear)

Since the mid-advertisement rant apparently wasn't enough to get VT Teddy to drop its sponsorship of Beck's program, Media Matters called out VT Teddy for "repeatedly declin[ing] to comment" on whether the Shelburne-based company shares Beck's endorsement of waterboarding terrorism suspects. The media-watchdog group further goaded the bear marketeer about its endorsement of other controversial Beckisms, including his claims that the health care reform bill is "the beginning of reparations" for slavery, and that Barack Obama is "a racist with deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture."

Does anyone else smell a new line of Beck-themed bears hitting the market soon, à la the  "Crazy For You" bear? I can just see the tag lines:

  • Gitmo Bear: "I'm drowning without your love!"
  • Abu Ghraib Bear: "Life without you is sheer torture!"
  • Arizona Bear: "Show me your papers!"
  • And, finally, the Glenn Beck Bear: "Don't Worry: Everything's gonna be all white..."
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