Fun with Bacon | Food News | Seven Days | Vermont's Independent Voice

Published January 17, 2008 at 4:31 p.m.

Bacon. Sometimes called "the gateway meat" because when a vegetarian starts eating bacon, you know what'll happen next. Sometimes just called "the best thing ever" because, well, it's pretty damn delightful.

Here's a collection of bacon-y treats:

~ A meaty scarf.
~ Another scarf.
~ A wallet that lets you bring home the bacon, no matter how much you earn
~ Gummy, strawberry flavored "bacon" strip candy
~ BLT-scented candles.
~ Bandages. You know how some people put a slab of steak on a black eye? Apparently it's good to put bacon on a cut!
~ Blog.
~ Air Freshener. 'Cuz there's nothing like a bacon-scented room with no bacon in it to drive you crazy!
~ Crafts, and lots of 'em.

And finally, a stand-up comedy routine in which all the jokes are guessed it...bacon!