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Mistress Maeve


Dear Mistress Maeve,

I am a 23-year-old graduate student with what I consider to be an interesting personality, a bright future, and above-average looks.

I got out of a three-year relationship about a year ago and have been trying to get back into the game, but things are slow going. The problem is, whenever I try to get intimate with a girl, she immediately loses interest when she discovers that I'm uncircumcised. This has happened with three consecutive girls now. I practice very good hygiene, and it's not like I'm Ron Jeremy or anything, but I've looked around the locker room, and I'm not small by any means. Am I just on a streak of bad luck, or am I really destined to forever struggle with women due to my "birth defect"?


Uncut and Unhappy


Dear Uncut,

Either you are dating the most shallow, narrow-minded women on Earth - or you're making it all up in your head (so to speak). Do these women actually tell you they're anti-foreskin, or are you assuming your uncircumcised penis turns them off? Because I don't know any women who have run screaming from a bed just because of an extra piece of penis skin. In fact, I know quite a few who prefer an au naturel member.

Functionally, there is no difference between cut and uncut penises, except that men with a foreskin have to be sure to clean well underneath it - no big deal. And, let's be honest - women have way more nooks and crannies to keep clean than men with uncircumcised shlongs do.

Don't blame these dating disasters on your foreskin. Sex is all about chemistry - something that was clearly lacking with the last three women you dated. When you find the right person, you'll quickly see that your worries about being uncircumcised are unfounded and unimportant.

For foreskin,