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Published June 15, 2008 at 9:54 a.m.

Any other people displaced in Vermont?

I am a flatlander. And not at all ashamed. I was raised in Connecticut, and spent my summers and college years in Maine. Even after spending three years as a legal resident of Vermont, I know full well that I will never be a "Vermonter".

That's fine.

The great thing about Vermont, however, is that no matter where your real home is, you're likely to find a place here that resembles it. After all, we have water, we have mountains, and we have fields. We have rural areas, and more city-like areas. We even have four whole seasons!

So my question to you other flatlanders is... where do you go when you're homesick and need to be temporarily transported?

For me, even though I was born in Connecticut, Maine is "home". And so when Vermont has got me down, I go to one of two places. Driving Route 7 transports me directly to my college days in Farmington, and Malletts Bay in Colchester brings me back to my summers at the beach. The bay full of sailboats looks exactly like all the little bays by my parents' house in Kennebunkport. When driving by, I even instinctively roll down my windows to smell for the salt in the air. The salt isn't there, of course, but my temporary transportation always does the trick!

So, flatlanders, where do you all "escape" to?